Wednesday, 25 November 2020 12:50

Why Should You Know Casino Slang and Terminology?

It is highly important to know frequently used gambling terms and slang words when playing in a casino. While some words may refer to simple things like how much money you risk (wager or bet), other words describe crucial parameters of games that you are about to enjoy. For example, it is critical to understand what RTP means to estimate which playstyle will be the most appropriate for a certain slot game.


Let’s talk about various terms and slang words that every casino player must know to succeed!

The most used terms in the gaming industry

Understanding the rules and conditions of games is critical to both enjoying gambling and controlling your play style. While gaming should always be about having fun, you can also consistently earn some cash while continually entertaining yourself in the casino. Below are some of the most important terms:

  • RTP stands for Return to Player and is usually presented as a percentile. It means how much money a casino or a specific slot game always gives back to players on average. A typical RTP is about 95%. Some slot games offer lesser RTP while others give a higher value. Your chances of winning do not vary wildly depending on these numbers but you should, generally, play more carefully and reserved when the RTP is lower than 95%.
  • Wagering Requirement is a term that some players tend to overlook and think that it is something related to betting in general. However, the term refers to a very specific set of rules that explains how you can utilize a casino bonus and what kind of wagers and total sums of money must be played through before a bonus can be cashed out.
  • Bankroll stands for the overall sum of funds that are available to the player. Controlling the bankroll means making informed bets that do not bring your balance to zero and playing carefully understanding your financial limitations.
  • A betting limit is a value that indicates the biggest bet you can make in the game. There are usually lobbies (virtual rooms) with certain limits. Such limits are important for when a player wants to better control their bankroll but also provide an even playing ground in multiplayer card games such as Texas Hold’em Poker. Usually, all information about the most profitable sites of this kind is provided by aggregator sites like
  • Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot. The former refers to a big win or a special prize. Progressive Jackpot is a form of jackpot that grows over time depending on the number of money players spend in a casino or certain slots collectively.
  • A betting unit refers to the minimal amount that can be used as a bet. While many land-based establishments use $1 or 1 rupee as the minimal wager, online casinos can use fractions of those. Virtual chips and credits can be smaller than a single digit.

These terms are highly important for players who want to succeed and get into gambling from the get-go. While other terms are fun and interesting, understanding what RTP or Bankroll means brings you closer to a more stable play style that offers you an opportunity to win regularly and even earn living in online casinos!

Casino slang and terms

It is virtually impossible to list all of the frequently used casino slang words. However, we decided to pick some of the most interesting expressions that you may find either funny or useful.

  • Chips are disks with markings usually representing their value. These are used to play in various casino games. Some online casinos refer to credits as chips.
  • Comp is a point in a loyalty system. Often, you will be generating those while playing in different slots and even live dealer games. These comp points can be exchanged for various in-house goods or bonuses.
  • Croupier is the French name for the dealer. Croupiers are people conducting live dealer games.
  • Flat betting is a style of playing where a player makes the same bet over and over again without changing anything. It is not recommended.
  • House is what people call the casino itself. House edge means the numerical representation of an advantage that the casino has over players.
  • The slot is a match-more-than-three virtual game that emulates mechanical slot machines with three drums from the 20th century or presents a new form of gameplay. Usually, it is to these types of slots that promotional offers like "spiny za rejestracje". Modern games can also have very complex games.
  • The provider usually refers to a company that developed a certain slot game.

The main takeaway

Without the knowledge of casino slang, you won’t be as engaged in live dealer games where people constantly talk about bets and chips. Not knowing what a betting unit is or what RTP is may put you at a disadvantage. Learn about the expressions that are frequently used to improve your chances of winning in the long run!