Thursday, 18 November 2021 09:56

Creating The Butterfly Chair 3D Model

How a chair looks and feels can have a lasting impact on how people feel about it. With the prevalence of 3D printing, designers have more control over their design process and can iterate quicker. 3D chair models allow designers to provide their customers with a wide range of designs that suit their needs and tastes while still being affordable even when they have high production demands.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd, a company specializing in protecting aircrafts from birds and drones, pays great attention to the problem of the uncontrolled and dangerous use of drones near the runways of civilian airports.

The ecommerce market is still vigorously developing, however growing competition puts the owners of online shops in front of quite the challenge. The most important being without change improving client relations and communication which should in turn improve sale figures. Traditional communication channels i.e. mailing have become less and less effective. It’s important to look at a new tool that perform a similar function, web push notifications.

Friday, 21 April 2017 11:40

Polyurethane foam and its application

Modern technologies allow to create ever more durable materials with various properties that can be applied in a wide range of industries. For example, polyurethane foam can be used in construction, cars, and other industrial applications. What should you know about this material? Here are some of the properties of polyurethane foam and examples of its use.

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