Friday, 22 September 2017 06:00

Prototype cars - what we can expect in the future

When the movie Back to the Future was released, everyone was fascinated by Dr Delorean’s car, which turned out to be a time vehicle. Today this car does not make such an impression as it did in the past. Why is that?

It’s all because of the advancement of technology. New prototypes of cars are regularly appearing on the market, and what was exciting and new yesterday quickly becomes common and consumers start looking for something that will amaze them and arouse their imagination.

Concept cars - what we need prototypes for.

Car manufacturers are competing to develop new technologies. They are constantly striving to increase their cars’ performance and improve their appearance. Interesting designer cars impress drivers in every way. However, releasing a series of cars which rely on the latest technology can be quite risky. That is why the owners of leading car companies firstly commission the preparation of prototypes, one or more cars that will allow them to test the solutions proposed by their engineers.

Prototypes also allow to assess how consumers will perceive the changes the manufacturer wants to introduce, whether they meet their needs or on the contrary. You can read more about car prototypes at

How will the automotive industry develop?

This is something that we cannot foresee, unfortunately. Technological progress is so rapid that it is difficult to keep up with changes. Just a few years ago, it was difficult to imagine that cars would be powered by electricity and biofuels. Today, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, and many European countries are announcing their intention to gradually phase out oil-fueled cars, which will make the air in big cities cleaner. It is assumed that cars allowing to move at several altitudes in the streets will be manufactured in the future. This technology is already present today in the largest Asian cities where such buses are being produced to decrease the amount of traffic.