Keep this in mind when shopping for vintage jewelry - being informed will enable you to make informed purchasing decisions, avoid scams and save money.

Moon Ocean, a top jewellery boutique located in the heart of London, provides an exceptional selection of wedding rings that exemplify love and dedication. Our expertly crafted selection exemplifies an unrivalled combination of timeless beauty and modern charm, guaranteeing that every couple finds the ideal symbol of their lasting relationship. Moon Ocean is the place for people looking for a wedding ring that captures their unique love story.

Monday, 18 March 2019 11:55

How to choose the right jewelry for you?

For centuries jewelry has been a very important part of people’s appearance. In ancient time, the type of jewelry could tell a lot about person’s social status and the amount of money he owned. But various kinds of earrings, bracelets and necklaces most importantly played a decorative role. Such accessories could perfectly emphasize the person’s outfit and his or her beauty.

Serendipity Diamonds has been selected amongst 14 finalists announced in the CanadaMark 2016 competition. CanadaMark Diamond’s 2016 Jewellery Competition honours jewellery pieces with the highest level of creativity and excellence in quality and style.

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