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A Helpful Guide For Choosing The Best Non-alcoholic Spirits

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Non-alcoholic spirits have become quite common in recent years. They are like plant-based meat, and you shouldn't expect them to taste exactly like alcoholic spirits. While they have a slightly different taste, that doesn't mean they are any less enjoyable. If anything, more people are enjoying these spirits than ever.

Selecting the best non-alcoholic spirits may not be straightforward for a newbie, considering it is a vibrant industry quickly adapting to the market. Therefore, if you want to shop for the best non-alcoholic spirit, here is a helpful guide to help you choose!

What Is A Non-alcoholic Spirit?

Non-alcoholic spirits are analogs of traditional alcoholic spirits like rum, whisky, tequila, and bitters. Therefore, non-alcoholic spirits are created to imitate the flavor of alcoholic spirits in the best way possible.

To make them as close to alcoholic spirits as possible, non-alcoholic spirits are distilled using the same process used to distill their alcoholic counterparts. The only difference is that alcohol is removed during the distillation process. This is what makes these spirits non-alcoholic.

Thanks to advancements in technology and increased need, brands are now designing botanical beverages meant to be used as cocktails or mocktails. This type of non-alcoholic spirit contains ingredients like vegetable extracts and fruits.

What’s The Taste Of Non-alcoholic Spirits?

The best non alcoholic spirits have a unique taste. These spirits are often compared to plant-based meat. This means they have a slightly different taste compared to alcoholic spirits. Therefore, you shouldn't expect them to taste the same when consuming them. If you drink non-alcoholic spirits with the mindset that they taste like alcoholic spirits, you might be disappointed. Nonetheless, the best nonalcoholic spirits have a unique taste that makes them enjoyable. The fact that alcohol is removed only changes the flavor, not the taste.

How To Shop For The Best Non Alcoholic Spirits

As with wines, finding the best nonalcoholic spirits requires a lot of experimentation. You can start by considering what you usually drink or try a spirit that is entirely a new experience. It also shouldn't be a direct imitation of an alcoholic spirit. Doing so might limit your options as you will not explore other flavors of spirits.

There are many flavors and options for non-alcoholic spirits; therefore, you should have an open mind. This is why experimentation is ideal for finding the best non-alcoholic spirits. If you don't know which non-alcoholic spirit to pick, some research will be useful.

Using Non-alcoholic Spirits

There are several ways you can use non-alcoholic spirits. The best use of these spirits is in proper cocktails. For instance, you can use it in something mixed with a mixing glass, shaker, or jigger, then served in glassware. The fact that these drinks have no alcohol concentration expands their usage in many ways. Be sure to get spirits that fit your preferences for the best results.

Get Your Non-alcoholic Spirit

Non-alcoholic spirits are an efficient and reliable way of cutting down alcohol consumption. They are also ideal for non-drinkers. Get your preferred non-alcoholic spirit in a cocktail and enjoy the flavor!