Thursday, 08 February 2024 13:25

A Simple Guide to the Different Methods of Hair Removal

Reno laser hair removal Reno laser hair removal pixabay

For those with richer, darker skin, even particularly thick hair on the face and on the body is nowhere near as apparent to the naked eye as for those people with lighter, fairer skin tones.


Equally, some women (and men) strive to embrace their appearance and natural beauty without alternation, whereas others prefer to be virtually hair-free and always swimsuit-ready. Whatever your personal preference, it would be helpful to be aware of the four different methods of hair removal for the face and body, and here are the most common.

1.   Laser Hair Removal

Generally considered to be the best method of hair removal, not least because it lasts much longer, in terms of hair regrowth than other methods, is laser hair removal.

Reno laser hair removal is a simple, painless, and highly effective method of removing unwanted body hair anywhere on the body. It is suitable for virtually anyone with neither the time nor the patience to constantly wax or shave.

The primary benefits of choosing laser hair removal include:

  • A long-term solution
  • Hair tends to grow back slowly and shorter
  • Essentially pain-free
  • A precise hair removal method

2.   Electrolysis

Unlike shaving or waxing, electrolysis, a popular choice for both men and women, can only be administered in a clinical setting, rather than something you can do yourself at home.

Essentially, electrolysis works by placing an exceedingly small and narrow needle, which contains a precisely measured electrical current inserted, into the follicles of the hairs themselves.

There are two different electrolysis types; as such, you can choose between Galvanic electrolysis, which destroys the hair follicles chemically, and Thermolytic electrolysis, which removes the follicles using heat, and both have their benefits depending on your preference.

3.   Depilatory Cream

Another choice for getting rid of unwanted hair, specifically on the legs and along the bikini line, is the application of depilatory cream, otherwise known as hair removal cream, and an advantage of such lotions is that they are widely available without the need for a prescription.

However, it is important to note that some, usually cheaper, such creams tend to have a strange odor when first applied, and what is more, it is not suitable for use on the face or on certain other areas of the body.

4.   Hot Wax

You may already be someone who regularly uses store-bought wax strips to ensure your legs and bikini line are smooth and hairless. Still, hot waxing is considerably more effective and can also be applied at home as well as at the salon.

For people with sensitive skin, or else for those who have had acne in the past or other skin complaints such as eczema or psoriasis, hot waxing is ill-advised, and even if you have particularly robust and problem-free skin, hot waxing is safer at the salon.

This way, the professional beautician can apply a patch test to check whether or not your skin type is suitable, or if you are going to have any sensitivities.