Thursday, 16 February 2023 09:12

Are Memorial Gift Trees Expensive?

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Memorial trees are a sentimental and honorable way to remember a loved one. Trees are a living tribute that creates a tangible legacy in honor of their lives. Memorial trees for the deceased are also a practical way to remember and feel their presence.


Memorial trees are relatively inexpensive. You can purchase one for as low as $9.99 from a memorial tree planting company. This is a great way to remember our deceased loved ones since the tribute trees also have multiple environmental benefits. With all these benefits, you may need guidance on where to start and how to plant a tree to honor a loved one.

Let's look at the best way to plant, where to plant, and buy memorial gift trees.

Planting Memorial Gift Trees By Yourself

The main advantage of planting a tribute tree through this method is that you can pick the exact location. The flip side, however, is that if you are not planting on your piece of land, you will spend a lot of your time researching and more on seeking permits from all the relevant authorities.

You may have to pay around $9.99 to $100 to buy a memorial tree. There’ll be an additional cost if you’re planting in a public place. The cost will depend on the location. The cost of the tree or seedling will also depend on the type of tree you choose.

Planting Memorial Trees With A Company

If you’re not in a position to plant the tree, worry not; some organizations can help you with that. Memory tree organizations understand that you may not even be able to take up all the processes to plant a tribute while still mourning.

Memorial gift trees cost anywhere from $9.99 when you use a memorial tree planting service. The advantage of this is that the companies will continue to take proper care of the tree once it is set up.

How To Purchase A Memorial Tree

Here’s the process of purchasing memorial gift trees through a company:

  • Research the credibility of the organization - check their credibility and integrity because they will be doing the planting for you
  • Research their planting locations - Check their locations and pick one that will favor you and your family
  • Pick the species of tree you would like planted - in most cases, companies with memorial gift trees have different species you can choose from.
  • Place your order - If the company satisfies you after research, make your order.
  • Receive the locations, photos, and certificate for the tree - this allows you and your family to pay a visit once in a while.

An Everlasting Tribute

With the proper organization, you can also rest assured that your memorial tree will be taken care of. You will also have given your loved one an everlasting tribute. While cost is always a matter to factor in, remember that losing your loved one was a one-time event, but you have found a way to honor their memory forever. You might create a culture of beautifully cherishing loved ones after their demise.