Monday, 28 February 2022 11:17

Can Your Hosting Be Completely Anonymous?

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Have you ever wondered if it's possible to anonymously host a blog or a website? The truth is, with anonymous hosting services, you may host your website anonymously.

Total content privacy is provided thanks to many privacy strengthening features. Anonymous hosting allows you to host any of your data anonymously without the possibility to link them to you. Thanks to simple sign-ug just with an e-mail and untraceable cryptocurrency payments, no one will be able to connect you with your content. So far, the best approach to secure your identity and privacy is to use an anonymous VPS.


Why do People Sign-up for Anonymous Hosting?

Whatever your motives are, privacy is a fundamental human right. You may be publishing politically sensitive articles, running controversial blogs, or just processing customers' personal details. Privacy and anonymity are basic human rights and keystones of our freedom and sovereignty. Everyone has the right to be protected from unlawful personal information access, sometimes known as a "personal data breach." Thanks to anonymous hosting, you have the option of sharing your data anonymously. 

What is Anonymous Hosting?

Generally, anonymous VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service that uses virtual cloud servers and provides users with the same experience as dedicated hosting. Virtualization divides a real server into numerous virtual layers, allowing you to utilize all of its physical resources. In contrast to shared hosting, where you can have restricted bandwidth and slow site load when there's a lot of traffic, anonymous VPS ensures that you have the resource available whenever you need them. Vital resources like CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage are all strictly allotted in each VPS plan. Some companies allow you to customize your own VPS package, giving you access to a massive amount of bandwidth and storage.

Anonymous VPS allows you to be completely isolated from other users on the server. It allows you total control over your account (including root access), software extensions, remote reboots, and system recovery from backups and snapshots. Since Anonymous VPS is easily expandable, you can simply increase your allotted resources without experiencing any downtime. It's generally more dependable and quicker than shared hosting, and it provides better protection for everyone.

How can Anonymous Hosting be truly Anonymous?


Anonymous Sign-Up

Thanks to a simple sign-up process that won't require any authentication or a phone number, you don't have to reveal your identity when signing up for anonymous hosting. All that is required is your e-mail address, and even this will be only used for security and maintenance updates. When signing up for anonymous hosting, always use the precaution and never use your official e-mail address. It's advisable to create a new e-mail account that isn't linked to your true name. You might use as well a temporary or disposable e-mail address.

Anonymous Payments

What type of payment option will allow you to retain your anonymity? Not many, but crypto payment is the most untraceable payment gateway. You don't need to provide a name, address, or e-mail address to establish a Bitcoin wallet, though. 

As another layer of protection, many anonymous hosting services offer anonymous cryptocurrency payments. This means you won't have to reveal any personal information during the payment process. Even though all transactions are public, traceable, and permanently logged in the ledger, Bitcoin can provide significant privacy. Nobody can track your payments back to you as long as your wallet remains anonymous. It's advised never to link your BTC wallet with your credit card or bank account. Only this way, nobody could see the true person behind a wallet.

Anonymous Access

We've covered anonymous sign-up and anonymous payments thus far, but what about accessing your Control panel without leaving a trace? Tor is a name you may be familiar with. Tor encrypts and bounces all your communication across random nodes to secure your online identity. The traffic is routed via a network of thousands of volunteer computers worldwide, making it difficult to track your connection. The TorBrowser can be downloaded, installed, and run from the Tor Project's website.

If you're looking for an anonymous hosting service, look for one with an onion domain like The onion domain is a top domain website URL that can only be accessed using the Tor browser. 

In Conclusion:

Users who value their privacy and anonymity will find the anonymous virtual private server the best hosting solution. Thanks to bitcoin payments and simple sign-up methods, anonymous hosting providers ensure that none of your personal information is revealed. To be honest, anonymous hosting is currently one of the most anonymous and secure hosting alternatives available.