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Flower Delivery to Your Loved One’s Home: Facts on How It Works

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Flowers are definitely an art - the creation of nature, the smile of our planet, the natural color palette one can meditate on for hours. They are also a great gift for your loved one. A beautiful bouquet can be an addition to your gift or the gift itself - just check out what arrangements talented British florists make!


Flower delivery has gone online some time ago, but it seems not everyone gets how it works.

Every company has its own algorithm. Some have their own flower bases and specialists who gather arrangements, others have partners who help them with delivery. You don’t have to get into these intricacies, but if you want to know how it works, let us give you a sneak peek.

How Flower Delivery Works: Interesting Facts

Here are some facts that might fill your curiosity gaps:

  • The flowers for arrangements are picked from local suppliers (farms, for example). When it’s the high season, some companies find international suppliers to fit the requirements of customers;
  • While seasonal flowers are usually the freshest of all, some clients need rare florals. International partners help greatly with such requests by shipping fresh items for delivery;
  • Arrangements are made no more than 48 hours before the delivery, but this is a maximum. Commonly, it takes 30 minutes to an hour to transport the flowers, plus several hours for the bouquet to be made;
  • If the order is from another region, companies contact florists they partner with so that there’s no need to fly a bouquet to another city for delivery.

Hope we’ve satiated your curiosity a bit and inspired you to try and order a flower arrangement for your loved one. You only need 5-10 minutes and the desire to surprise your parents, friends, partner, colleague, etc.

Flowers have a therapeutic effect on people with their combination of pleasant looks and scent. Visit our page with flowers and give such an opportunity to someone you love!