Wednesday, 08 June 2022 11:50

How AR Can Help Make Your Video Business App Thrive

Many brands and companies are considering video editing app development to produce and release their videos. However, such an initiative becomes an expensive and time-consuming effort.

You can accelerate the process with a real-time video editor that works on the basis of the SDK. Another advantage is the possibility to make the work cheaper. An example is an AR Video Editor by  Banuba. It helps businesses boost sales and make their companies stand out from the competition. 


How a Real-time Video Editor Can Help Businesses 

AR video editor provides businesses with an opportunity to showcase the products they sell highlighting their advantages and the best features. Examples include garments that can be tried online via a virtual fitting room. Getting to know a product without buying it or physically visiting the store is a luxury from a consumer's perspective. According to statistics, 61% of customers are willing to buy from online stores that use augmented reality. 

According to the survey, 72% of website visitors purchased goods because they could take advantage of augmented reality technology. 

An example is a visualization used by IKEA. The software is known as "Place". It is simple in function and design. Buyers are provided with a tool that enables them to imagine how the furniture would look in their home without much effort on their part. This helps customers avoid purchasing items that don't fit their needs. 

Augmented reality can be used to generate excitement around a brand. It is a new definition that attracts people's attention. You have to remember that if you use AR inappropriately, you can cause damage to your company. When the real world is to be combined with the digital one, the only limitation is the user's imagination. The video should not be perceived negatively if the intention is to promote the brand. 

With the help of augmented reality, any story can be created. For example, aliens landed on Earth. Another point is a virtual safari. You can go on it without leaving your home. Before the hunt, suitable apparel is chosen. This includes jeans, cowboy boots, and a hat. Any elements of style are selected during the fitting, which is carried out with the help of appropriate software. 

Real-Time Video Editing: Adding Imagination and Eliminating Errors 

With augmented reality, the video doesn't become an illusion. It is simply complemented with the touch of magic. During real-time video editing, it is important to increase the level of realism. Experts recommend using the concept when creating content. It is also a good idea to take into consideration the standard rules of AR, which include three components.

  • Users' satisfaction should be maximized.
  • Customers are rewarded for interaction.
  • A reason for scanning should be explored. 

It is important to choose the right color with the target audience in mind. The size of the smartphone should be taken into account, as the quality of the video display depends on it. The settings specify the time at which the image will be available to all customers. Another important point is the duration. The maximum length should not exceed 60 seconds.

Real-Time Video Editing

Real-Time Video Editing

AR visual effects can be added to YouTube videos if you want to do so. One ready-made solution for this is Arloopa. You can use it to do something innovative. Visual solutions are added with augmented reality. The goal is to make content less expensive by eliminating post-processing costs. There is a library of 3D models that includes:

  • vehicles;
  • spaceships;
  • people and animals;
  • augmented reality portals. 

One-touch of a finger is enough to select the desired model. It is displayed on the camera for interaction. If necessary, you can add your own models to the application, which can be added in OBJ or FBX format. 

Video Editing SDK and Creative Approach 

The Video editing SDK helps businesses. It helps companies become prosperous. They can show their products at their best and create tutorials. The advantage for brands is that they can save time and money on software development. Furthermore, it is possible to enjoy the freedom., for instance, when creating a user interface based on specific needs and requirements. 

Videos can be posted on social networks. The supported platforms include Flutter and React Native. Software development is accelerated due to the built-in features. The SDK by  Banuba enables users to take advantage of 3D masks and color filters.Well, you can take your creativity to the next level with click for info. This will help you create exciting GIFs from your MP4 videos. It can enhance your video editing capabilities.

Banuba AR video editor

Banuba AR video editor

Banuba AR video editor is a type of software. It is based on artificial intelligence. The technology can be used to create short videos for Tik Tok or social networks. The SDK with augmented reality is suitable for cell phones. Advantages include:

  • attractive effects;
  • easy business editing;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • cross-platform support. 

Beauty Effects is an opportunity to inspire users to create content. Facial enhancement is becoming a must-have feature for software. Filters can be used to automatically improve your look. The face is transformed, the color becomes healthy, the skin is smoothed, and the teeth are whitened. 

Banuba Video Editor

Banuba Video Editor

Banuba Video Editor SDK: Key Use Cases

Digital tools must be used correctly. There are 5 ways to use the Banuba Video Editor SDK:

  • Post short videos on social media.
  • Create stories on Instagram.
  • Develop videos for cell phones.
  • Make educational videos for children.
  • Make showcases and present products

There are augmented reality face masks. Filters are used not only in real-time but also during subsequent processing. You can use animation, the appearance of famous characters, or animals.

One of the benefits of the API is the possibility to generate original video effects. Several filters can be used in the video. The final result depends on the user's imagination only. 

Slideshow is an effect that can be used on an iOS or Android cell phone. If you wish, the video can be transformed into one animated story. Users can create additional layers of images, music, and text. There is a dedicated function for efficient file processing, which makes it easier to focus on creativity and implement all the concepts. 

There are LUTs color filters that are used for correction. You can choose preset effects from the catalog. They are intended for Instagram users. 

Time Effects provide the possibility to control every second. Acceleration and deceleration are available to users. When selecting the controls, the speed can be adjusted according to your preferences. The interface is optimized for smartphones. 


An AI-powered video editor is in the process of being introduced to the public. As of 2022, the use of augmented reality has not been fully explored. Users have not yet discovered the full extent of the filter's capabilities. With the content created, the customer can be guided all the way through to the purchase. 

Potential consumers welcome the software because of its versatility. An important part of AR is realism. In addition to the details, the resolution of the virtual graphics is an important factor that the developer has taken into account. The level of realism depends on the quality of the camera. Light effects and shadows can be used so that the lighting changes as the object moves.