Friday, 22 March 2024 07:00

Store precious metals securely and discreetly in Switzerland

Allocated & segregated custody arrangements Allocated & segregated custody arrangements pixabay

Receive negotiable warehouse receipts that function like securities

High value density precious metals make heavy demands on storage facilities. So, to guarantee gold, silver, platinum or palladium bars and coins are readily available when required, investors should always ensure they are stored discreetly and properly insured. A specialist provider such as OrSuisse can offer high-security facilities in Switzerland and Singapore which are tailor-made to meet such needs.

The company provides allocated & segregated storage in domestic warehouses or duty-free warehouses. Its facilities are all privately managed and entirely independent of the banking system. Domestic warehouses are ideal for storing medium-to-large quantities of investment gold, while duty-free warehouses are recommended for the secure storage of silver, platinum or palladium. If these white metals can be immediately warehoused after purchase, then such purchases will be exempt from VAT.

Allocated & segregated custody arrangements are the core benefit of the company’s secure and discreet precious-metal storage. Unlike collective storage arrangements commonly offered elsewhere, allocated & segregated storage guarantees investors always retain full title to their original holdings. That means OrSuisse will always return the self-same original goods delivered to the warehouse. Your stored assets are protected by full insurance in the event of any loss.

Flexible asset management via transferable warehouse receipts

Negotiable warehouse receipts are a special feature of the storage of physical precious metals at OrSuisse. These fully transferable warehouse receipts are issued to clients and fully comply with the Swiss Code of Obligations. In Germany, these documents – known as “Orderlagerscheine” – can be used just like securities. Document ownership can be easily transferred using an integrated endorsement feature to facilitate the sale or mortgaging of gold and silver holdings, even without any physical movement of goods.

OrSuisse negotiable warehouse receipts offer fully flexible management of your stored precious metals, providing additional liquidity for your physical gold investments and white metal bullion only otherwise available via gold securities. In addition, negotiable warehouse receipts provide the document holder with a guarantee that the assets can be reclaimed at any time.