Thursday, 15 September 2022 12:35

Top 4 Neighborhoods In Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills is among the coveted high-end places to live in California, LA. It is the ideal location if you are looking for an elegant place and are passionate about the finer things in life.

But, unfortunately, Beverly Hills homes for sale are worth millions in value, and you need to earn at least double the national average household income, around $150,000, to afford living there.

Beverly Hills has a reputation for its rich guests, celebrity residents, flagship stores, and grand homes. In addition, it showcases estates designed by famous architects, luxurious gardens, and manicured lawns to match the exclusivity and type of lifestyle you are looking for.

Beverly Hills homes for sale are available in different neighborhoods. Here are the top four neighborhoods to consider.

1. The Flats

The Flats is located at the heart of Beverly Hills and has the best nightlife experience. The neighborhood boasts of classy lounges outside the building to allow you to enjoy various activities around the neighborhood. For instance, Bar Louie hosts live music sessions every Wednesday night, and Taco Lounge has an outdoor patio ideal for a lazy evening.

The neighborhood hosts delicacies that excite your taste buds and has a courtyard for hosting barbeques with friends and family. In addition, Beverly Hills homes for sale in The Flat enjoy excellent parks with a cool ambiance and are close to many historic homes and popular attractions like UCLA.

2. Benedict Canyon

This neighborhood provides easy access to various parts of Los Angeles without the hustle of noise and pollution. Beverly Hills homes for sale in Benedict Canyon are ideal for single-family homes because most of them are around $1 million on average. However, most homes have huge lots to provide residents with more privacy.

The great benefit of living in this neighborhood is its distance from all other parts of LA, allowing residents to live quietly without all the noise from the streets. In addition, the neighborhood has among the most luxurious Beverly Hills homes for sale, with many breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Mountains.

3. Beverly Glen

Beverly Glen is situated on the northside of Beverly Hills. The difference between this neighborhood and others is that over half its population owns their homes, while about 46% are renters. However, the neighborhood has many off-leash dogs and doesn't have any recreation areas or parks. As a result, most dog owners take their dogs to the dog-friendly beaches around.

The neighborhood has at least 52% of residents with a college degree, with many working within the four wealthy zip codes nearby. In addition, 54% of Beverly Hills homes for sale in Beverly Glen are valued at over $1 million.

4. Beverly Park

Beverly park is undoubtedly the highest-earning neighborhood in Beverly Hills, making it the most exclusive neighboorhood. In addition, these Beverly Hills homes for sale enjoy insane security and privacy, making it the choice neighborhood for celebrities.

These Beverly Hills homes for sale are worth about $24 million apiece, with a requirement that all homes in the neighborhood must not be less than 5000 square feet in size.


The plush gardens in Beverly Hills neighborhoods, majestic palms, and prestigious homes make Beverly Hills among the classiest places to live. If you want a taste of a luxurious lifestyle and can comfortably afford it, check out Beverly Hills homes for sale in different neighborhoods.