Monday, 12 December 2022 13:20

What are the most important things to remember about pharmacy packaging?

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Pharmacy packaging is mostly the same, as the packaging of others cosmetics. They have to meet the safety conditions and be fully protective of the formulas inside from spilling or going bad. But they also have to be specifically designed, so they can contain each kind of pharmacy formula. What are the most important things to remember, when you produce or need to buy some pharmacy cosmetics?


1. Formulas that need to be kept cold

Some pharmacy cosmetics or medicines need to be refrigerated, so they can work properly on the skin, hair, or body. It is salient to put them into a glass bottle, jar, or plastic one. If the packaging is stored in a paper container, it must be removed before putting into a fridge. Otherwise, the cardboard will soak up water and may dissolve, which will make the refrigerator shelf dirty. It sounds like a trifle, but some people often forget about it. Cosmetic closures, that are designed to keep in cold, must be easy to open and frost resistant. The best way to store pharmacy cosmetics or medicines that need to be refrigerated is using a little bottle with a dropper or with an airless pump. Its a popular method for serums, hair rubs, and face creams.

2. Protection against children and damage

Cosmetics packaging and choosing the best method to do it depends on the intended use of the product. Some formulas must be strictly safe in the container and protected from children. Manufacturers most often secure their cosmetics by using a child-resistant cap, which needs to be hard-pressed and then unscrewed. Sometimes the classic or airless pumps with the on-off system are also used.

3. Easy to travel with

When people need pharmacy cosmetics, they are usually told to use them every day or many times a week. The containers cosmetics must be easy and safe for traveling, then. One of the best ideas is to put cosmetics into two or three different sizes. Thanks to that, customers may take a little bottle with them, which means the problem is solved. This packaging also has to be equipped with an on-off system or other security closure that would protect the formula from spilling out of the container.

4. Medicine containers and packaging

Some of the jars or bottles must be designed strictly for pharmacy formulas like cream or ointment, and sometimes for pills. They must be safe and well-protected, especially from children, but also harmless for formulas themselves. Make sure that the packaging is sterilized and ready to put the pharmacy formulas or drugs and dietary supplements into.