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Why Silicone Wedding Rings are the Perfect Alternative to Traditional Jewelry

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When you get married, you expect your wedding ring to “seal the deal” so to speak. However, the band is not fail-safe as some people soon discover. If you want to wear a ring that stays intact - one that will not slip off our finger or trigger an injury, you need to consider getting a silicone band.


So, what's so great about silicone? Is it really better than wearing a metal wedding band?

Those two questions rank right up there with questions concerning cost, safety, and practicality. While metal is a nice ring material, silicone is scratch-resistant, soft, durable, and a great material to include in unique ring designs.

Choose from Silicone Wedding Bands in Solid Colors or that Feature a Design

You can choose from various colors or select a ring with a design. The rings are true conversation pieces, especially if you wear a ring vibrantly hued or featuring an intricate design.

Some people even choose a black ring when selecting from silicone wedding bands online. Actually, black is a bestseller in rings as black can be paired with various clothing styles and it exudes a trendy type of sophistication.

While jewelers may feature black in metals, such as tungsten or palladium, silicone is also a nice way to show your perpetual love and devotion.

A Meaningful and Fashionable Piece of Jewelry

Couples may choose black because it represents power and a commitment that is eternal. While you may not get a ring encrusted with gemstones, you will get a ring that is both meaningful and fashionable.

A More Protective Ring to Wear

Because metal is a conductor of electricity, people who are do-it-yourselfers, who work as an electrician, or who= make a living in construction prefer to wear a silicone ring. Some people also like the fact that silicone is less apt to cause an injury - especially one that is serious.

Metal-Induced Ring Injuries

Doctors state that a metal ring can cause an injury called a ring avulsion. A ring avulsion may result if you’re wearing your wedding band and slip and fall, get involved in a crash, or get hurt while working out or playing sports.

Therefore, an avulsion happens when a large amount of force is placed on the ring finger. In fact, injuries of this type can lead to an amputation - all the more reason to wear a soft and rubbery ring like a silicone band instead. It will absorb most of the force and won’t hurt your finger.

That is why silicon is a good ring material for an active person. Also, a person who sweats does not have to worry about the ring sliding off their finger. Silicone withstands the elements well whether you’re exercising or working in a labor-intensive job.

Silicone Is Dermatologically Friendly

Also, metal may cause a rash or bumps on the skin. Wearing silicone prevents this from happening. In addition, you are much less likely to lose a silicone ring down the drain, as, again, the material is designed to stay in place.

While metal rings have their advantages, silicone is the better choice if you want a ring that is eye-catching, safe to wear, and won’t cause a breakout or rash. You can get silicone rings in a variety of styles as well.

Make a Choice for Your Ring Now

Select from camo rings, 3D etched designed rings, stackable rings, and solid color ring styles. Rings are featured that will suit just about anybody regardless of their marital status, age, or level of activity. See for yourself why silicone is such a popular and innovative ring material.