Monday, 18 March 2019 11:55

How to choose the right jewelry for you?

For centuries jewelry has been a very important part of people’s appearance. In ancient time, the type of jewelry could tell a lot about person’s social status and the amount of money he owned. But various kinds of earrings, bracelets and necklaces most importantly played a decorative role. Such accessories could perfectly emphasize the person’s outfit and his or her beauty.

We also need to remember that from the very beginning jewelry was not only the attribute of women. What’s more, for a very long period of time mainly men used such accessories. Today, men’s jewelry is becoming more and more trendy, which is a very positive change. But no matter if you are looking for a men’s or women’s jewelry, you should know how to choose the right accessory for yourself. And here are some hints.


The Right Jewelry For Your Neckline


If you are about to choose some new jewelry, and you want it to perfectly match your favourite outfit, you need to think about its neckline. Whether you are frequently wearing shirts, dresses with V-neck or maybe strapless blouses, the right necklace can do real magic and become a perfect final touch to the whole styling. That is why, you should consider it as one of the most important matters while choosing the right, good quality necklaces and maybe also pendants – The GLD Shop has to offer.


For example, scoop necklines expose more of your body, so you should fill it with large necklaces, like those consisting of big stones. In case of the very popular boat necklines but also turtlenecks, the best options may be long beads or chain necklaces with some kind of pendants – The GLD Shop is offering you.


Many women simply love v-shaped necklines of blouses, sweaters and dresses. For them, the perfect jewelry will be necklaces which are also shaped like a letter V. And there are also strapless tops and dresses, which looks simply stunning. Such outfits definitely deserve the right type of jewelry. In this situation you can choose some tight, neck-hugging chain bracelet.


Jewelry That Matches The Shape Of Your Face


Another thing you should take into consideration while choosing jewelry is the shape of your face. It is extremely important when you decide on the type of the earrings to buy. Such accessories are very often the first thing people around you notice, but sometimes they also play the role of very delicate addition to your outfit.


If you have a square shaped face you need to add some volume to it with the right earrings, for example in the shape of big hearts, hoops or ovals. Women with elongated faces need to wear square, oval or triangular earrings, while triangular faces should choose oval and round ones. And if your face has diamond shape, get some elongated jewelry that has bigger rounded bottoms. But the luckiest women are those with oval faces, who can literally wear any kind of earrings, as all of them suit their appearance.



Of course, these are just the most important tips concerning the most popular kinds of jewelry. The fact that the choice is so incredibly big nowadays, makes many customers even more confused, but you need to remember that you do not have to hurry. Just give yourself some time and browse through as many collections of jewelry as you need. Decide on what kind of accessories you like the most and try to match certain models of it to your look and the outfits you usually wear. Remember that the right jewelry can make your styling better, but do not overthink it. Most importantly, you need to feel really comfortable wearing certain items, like necklaces and earrings, so they will make you even more self-confident.