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Alert at Big White Ski Resort

Big White Ski Resort Big White Ski Resort pixabay

The Big White Ski Resort experienced an unexpected avalanche incident on a serene Saturday morning, raising concerns about the safety of adventurers seeking the thrill of off-piste skiing. This event underscores the precariousness of the snowpack in British Columbia's mountains due to recent warm weather.


A Startling Wake-up Call

The resort's response was swift following the avalanche that occurred in the out-of-bounds area near the Eco Bowl, behind the Falcon chairlift, around 11:30 a.m. The incident involved three skiers who ventured beyond the marked resort boundaries, serving as a stark reminder of the lurking dangers. “This episode should remind everyone about the significant risks outside the designated ski areas,” stated the resort through a social media announcement.

Miraculously, the skiers involved emerged unscathed, despite the avalanche's potential to inflict severe damage, illustrated by its capacity to obliterate a motor vehicle. The event highlighted the heightened avalanche risk in the area.

The Peril of Warm Weather

The allure of sunny, warm weekends might be enticing for outdoor enthusiasts, but it brings with it dangerously unstable conditions conducive to avalanches. The region has observed a notable pattern of significant snow slides, particularly in areas not typically prone to such events. These avalanches exhibit unusual behavior, such as being remotely triggered, occurring in low-angle terrain, and initiating mid-slope, which poses a unique set of challenges for avalanche prediction and safety measures.

Navigating Backcountry Safely

For those drawn to the backcountry's untouched beauty, the incident serves as a cautionary tale. Skiers and snowboarders are urged to exercise increased caution, especially during periods of high risk. The resort and local safety authorities recommend avoiding terrain known for avalanche hazards and not crossing beneath avalanche paths. It’s critical to remember that many avalanches can be remotely triggered from seemingly safe areas.

Big White has reiterated the importance of preparedness for those choosing to explore beyond the resort's boundaries. "Adventuring outside of controlled areas should only be undertaken by those fully prepared and knowledgeable about the current conditions, and equipped with the necessary safety gear," the resort advises.

As the community reflects on this close call, the emphasis remains on vigilance, preparation, and respect for the unpredictable nature of the mountain environment. Safety should always be the paramount concern for all mountain users, from casual day-trippers to seasoned backcountry explorers.


Source: GlobalNews