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Navigating Busch Gardens: The Best Online Guide to Savings

Best online guide to savings Best online guide to savings

Did you know Busch Gardens has the largest free-roaming enclosed habitat for animals aside from Africa? It’s Tampa’s largest zoo, and for those thrill-seekers, it’s also home to the world’s first inverted roller coaster.


Whether you’re looking to ride one of the most thrilling roller coasters in America, enjoy a world-class entertaining show, or venture through the safari, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is where you’ll find all this and more.

And while these adventures don’t come for free, we can help guide you through the Best online guide to savings.

Quick Facts About Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

If you’re planning to visit Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, then there are a few facts you need to know to plan accordingly. To help navigate the park and plan your day, download the Busch Garden app. On the mobile app, you’ll find maps, wait times, hours, and maybe even some discounts!

Located on the east side of Tampa, Busch Gardens official address is 10165 McKinley Drive, Tampa, FL 33612. With minimal traffic, this is roughly an hour’s drive from Disney.

The park always opens at 10AM but closing times will vary based on when you visit. During the Spring, Fall, and Winter, you can expect the park to close at 6PM.

During Summer, the hours generally go from 10AM to 10PM. During holidays, the park hours vary from closing at 8PM to 10PM. Regardless of the time of year, it’s best to arrive 45 minutes prior to the park opening.

Another factor to keep in mind when planning a trip is that the park offers multiple add-ons. From dining passes and Quick Queue to safari rides and animal encounters, Busch Gardens offers everything you need to have the absolute best time while visiting – and this article will show you the best guide to online savings!

Ticket and Annual Pass Structure at Busch Gardens

Before digging into the best online savings, you need to know how the ticket structure is set up and which best suits your needs.

Guests can choose from single-day tickets, two, three, and four park tickets, or a Fun Card. Not only do these options allow you to tailor your visit, but you can also save even more money when you use this best online guide to savings.

There are also options for annual passes with various benefits. Annual passes range from bronze, silver, gold, and platinum pass members – with platinum offering more bang for your buck.

Remember to always bring your photo ID, ticket, annual pass, and/or reservation to the park every time you visit.

How to Save on Park Tickets at Busch Gardens

How long you plan to stay in the park, when you’re attending, what you intend to experience, and how many add-ons you want will all determine the best online guide to savings for Busch Gardens.

Great news! If you have children under 3, they do not require a ticket to enter the park. Busch Gardens also offers a preschool pass for children 3-5. Sign-up online and present the child’s birth certificate, and they will have free admission throughout the summer!

For everyone else, the ticket prices are:

  • A single-day ticket is priced at $124.99 each
  • Two Park tickets are $179.99 each
  • Three Park tickets are $194.99 each
  • Four Park tickets with unlimited visits and free parking are $249.99 each

On the official Busch Gardens Tampa Bay website, there are numerous offers for discounts on tickets. For example, a one-day admission is $30 off when purchased in advance, bringing the cost to $89.99 each. If you want to add dining and eat free all day, the price is $124.98. If your party is a group of 15 or more, Busch Gardens offers group discounted tickets. You can save roughly $20 a ticket if you purchase online at least two days before visiting.

There’s also the option to enjoy multiple parks (Busch Gardens, SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, and Adventure Island) for discounted prices. The number of parks you want to visit will determine the price and savings. If viable, the best deal is four park passes with unlimited visits and free parking.

If you opt for an annual pass option, you can pay as little as $12 a month for Busch Gardens. If combining parks on your membership, the prices range from $16 to $20 a month. Annual passes offer unlimited admission, parking perks, and much more.

Remember, if you go during the off-season, prices often decrease for tickets and other features. However, if you visit during a holiday, you’ll likely notice an increase in pricing across the park.

As a Florida resident, your best guide to online savings is to invest in the “fun card.” This allows you to pay for one day and come back all year. This is not the same as an annual pass because you do not enjoy the other benefits such as free parking. The fun card is available to every visitor but living closer to the park and visiting often makes this a deal you cannot pass on.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay also has a Wave of Honor program where active service members get one free admission ticket per year and up to three direct dependent tickets. The only thing you have to do is bring your military ID!

If you plan to explore the Tampa Bay area, a Tampa Bay City Pass is your best deal. For $129.99. Valid for 9 days after purchase, you have admission to five attractions:

  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  • The Florida Aquarium
  • ZooTampa
  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium
  • The Tropics Boat Tours (Dolphin or Sunset Cruise) OR MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry)

Keep in mind all prices are subject to change at any time in this best online guide to savings.

How to Save on Parking at Busch Gardens

With over 5,000 parking lots available, guests have the option of general parking or preferred parking. General parking costs $30, while preferred parking (meaning you’re closer to the entrance) starts around $35.

If you plan to upgrade your tickets to a Gold or Platinum membership, your parking is FREE. Even if you want to upgrade to a Silver Annual Pass, you’ll receive 50% off parking.

How to Save on Food at Busch Gardens

A frequently asked question on Google is, “How do I sneak food into Busch Gardens?”

The answer is: you don’t!

Outside food, drinks, and coolers are prohibited in the park. However, you are allowed to bring a refillable water bottle or a bottle of water with you. Water bottles in the park can cost upward of $3. Bring your own bottle and easily fill up at water stations around the park.

There’s also the option to purchase a souvenir cup. While the initial price is higher than other drinks, having this cup allows you to use it year after year. Soda refills are only $1 and Icee refills run about $1.30.

All-you-can-eat and drink dining at Busch Gardens is approximately $40 for an adult and $20 for a child. All-day dining passes are worth the money whether you plan to eat large or small meals throughout the day. If you’re a pass member, you can save up to 20%. Once the all-day dining wristbands are given, they are valid for one entrée, side, or dessert every 90 minutes throughout the day.

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck at Busch Gardens

There are multiple ways to save online when visiting Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. However, there are also some insider secrets to help you get the most bang for your buck. Here are some tips for the best online guide to savings.

  • Go during the week – Mondays and Tuesdays are shown to be less crowded.
  • Go on a rainy day – Some rides and shows may be postponed for thunderstorms, but the park operates even when it rains!
  • Go off-season – As with most theme parks, summer and holidays are peak seasons. Prices will rise in terms of tickets, dining, and souvenirs. Visiting during off season will allow you to save money and skip the lines.
  • Purchase the Quick Queue – Prices start at $20 based on the season and how crowded the park is that day. The Quick Queue allows you to skip the line on some of the best rides in the park, like Tigris (one-time use only), Falcon’s Fury, Montu, Scorpion and more. *Prices are subject to change at any time.
  • Search for vacation packages that often include hotel, park tickets, dining options, and more. These deals vary, but often include bundles and discounts that everyone can enjoy.