Thursday, 20 October 2022 15:33

Things You Need to Do Before Buying a Boat

what is a freeride wakeboard tower what is a freeride wakeboard tower

For many people, buying a boat is a luxury, but for some, it is a lifetime investment. We understand that buying a boat can be overwhelming and there are things to consider ranging from your budget to insurance of the boat. This article will help you understand how you can be an informed buyer:

1.   Calculate Your Budget

Owning a boat isn’t just about monthly payments. You have to pay for fuel, maintenance, aftermarket accessories, and boat insurance. If you are on a low budget, you can save up on your purchase by not buying a boat with factory-manufactured accessories that includes wakeboard towers.

Alternatives are available at half the price of factory OEM, such as a freeride wakeboard tower. You may be wondering, what is a freeride wakeboard tower?  Due to its flexible width design, it can fit any boat having a width ranging from 75-100 inches. In addition, these are being sold at a very reasonable price. You can also get a fuel-efficient vehicle, such as a trawler-style boat, that fits your budget.

2.   Determine the Size of the Boat You Want

Choosing the right boat size depends on a few factors: the number of people who would want to travel in it and how you are going to use the boat. If you are planning to traverse seas where waves can get high, you would want to get bigger boats up to 30 feet and upward.

3.   Figure Out Boat Insurance

Boat insurance costs vary from boat to boat, their size, and the amount of liability you choose. Insurance can cover any potential damage costs and accessories. Make sure you get a quote for insurance coverage of multiple boats to see which boat ownership is affordable for you. Some types of coverage are liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

4.   Research Storage Options

Boat storage prices can be as low as $50 to $400. Your location will determine the type of storage your boat needs. For example, if your area is warm, you can keep your board outdoors in the water year-round.

You can also choose to keep your boat indoors. However, indoor storage is more expensive than outdoor storage. The cheapest way to store your boat is at home in the garage or garden, but it can be prone to damage due to weather. If you are low on budget and have little storage space at home, consider buying a smaller boat.

5.   Explore Roadside Assistance

If you like to experience sailing on different water bodies, you may have to consider roadside assistance for your boat. Trailing your boat from one place to another can be a hurdle, and problems like vehicle breakdown can occur. However, if your boat towing vehicle gets disabled, this membership will help you reach the nearest repair facility.

You can get roadside assistance through a boat insurance policy or a private company. The cost of membership depends on the firm you are associated with. It typically does not exceed $100 per year.


While rental boats are available, owning a boat can be a privilege. You can travel to places and experience sailing adventures. However, you have to consider some important aspects before making a purchase. There are several memberships, insurance policies, and storage policies that you have to explore and decide which ones will be best for you.