Tuesday, 13 June 2023 15:46

4 Fun Ways to Style Fashion Photos for Instagram

take a top-down photo take a top-down photo pixabay

If you love posting fashion photos on Instagram for yourself or your brand, you are likely looking for new ways to make your photos look their best. Some ways to do this include following people with a style you admire or buying clothes that look great on you and in photos. If you want the best fashion photos, you have to give yourself space to be creative and experiment with different styles to find out what works best for you. So, how do you style fashion photos? Here are a few fun options.


Change The Background

If you are always taking photos in the same locations with the same background, people will quickly get bored with your photos. To prevent this and in the spirit of creativity, experiment with different backgrounds. Find ones that showcase your creative eye, personality, and lifestyle without overwhelming the outfit.

Changing the background also helps you capture the moment instead of the single pose, which can lead to better photographs for Instagram.

Work New Angles

Try to always think about how you can take a fashion photo differently. For example, instead of taking the frontal pictures everyone knows, why not take a top-down photo of your lap to showcase a top, jeans, or a beautiful dress you found?

You can also ask a friend to take a photo from a lower angle to show you in a different light or to showcase your shoes. Also, consider zooming in on interesting details, such as beautiful stitching or the rings you have on for the day.

Make Use of Props or Accessories

Props and accessories are great for adding something extra to your photographs. They can also add so much interest that people want to share the photos because there is something different about them.

That could be a film camera, sunglasses, colorful fruit, or even a musical instrument leased from https://www.rentmyinstrument.com/. You can also add printed scrunchies or flower bunches to add color to your fashion photos.

When thinking of the accessories and props to use, think about how well they go with the outfit and background, the story you want the photo(s) to tell, and which items make sense for the overall theme you are going for. 

Remember to use props and accessories to create interest, humor, movement, and interest without overwhelming, overpowering, or overshadowing the outfit you are showcasing.

Experiment With Different Color Palettes

Everyone has colors they are comfortable in and that they look best in. Most people have one or two palettes that they use for everything. To spice things up, experiment with a few color palettes you have never tried.

You can use various websites to find palettes that work great for you or ask a fashion advisor to give you alternatives that would work well. Consider pastels, neutrals, earth tones, and monotones when putting new palettes together.


Finding new styles and ways to style your photo is a great way to give your Instagram feed a boost. It is also an excellent opportunity to experiment with different styles and looks to see which ones work well. Remember always to have fun and ensure your photos tell your audience something about you and the photo to keep things interesting.