Friday, 24 June 2022 16:29

Chevy Equinox vs Chevy Trailblazer: Understanding The Differences

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If you're a fan of Chevys and can't decide between an Equinox or a Trailblazer, we've got the information you need to make your decision. While both vehicles contain seating for five people, teen driver safety technology, wireless play, and standard Chevy safety assist, there are differences that may influence your decision to purchase one over the other.

If you like extra space, you might prefer the Equinox.

The most significant difference between the two vehicles is that the Equinox is larger, by 10 inches in length. Another key difference is that the Equinox includes more cargo and passenger volume, a six-speed automated transmission, and dual zone climate control. The seats are also leather, and you can expect a higher maximum towing capacity overall.

Deciding on a new vehicle boils down to your individual needs and expectations for the right vehicle. If you're looking to be environmentally-conscious and do not need much extra space, the Trailblazer may be most effective. Do a search for Chevy Equinox for sale near me to get started and learn more about both vehicles below.

The Main Differences

While the Trailblazer is smaller, the upside is that it is more fuel efficient than larger vehicles, including the Equinox. It also contains over 8 feet of cargo length and can fold down the front passenger seat. The Trailblazer contains a nine-speed or a CVT and two engine options. By searching, ‘Chevy Equinox for sale near me’ you can find the Trailblazer in two-tone exteriors.

The Engine Specifics Differ: Search ‘Chevy Equinox for sale near me’

The Trailblazer has a 1.2L turbo to a 1.3L turbo engine compared to the Equinox, which has a 1.3L turbo engine. As mentioned, the Trailblazer offers better fuel efficiency, and the Equinox contains substantial horsepower.

The total pounds that can be tolled for the Trailblazer is a maximum of 1000 pounds compared to the Equinox, at 1500 pounds. Do a search for ‘Chevy Equinox for sale near me’ to find more specs information. The Equinox also offers more torque than the Trailblazer, with 162 pounds two 203 pounds, respectively.

Other Key Interior Differences

When you search, ‘Chevy Equinox for sale near me’, you’ll note the specs that showcase the differences in cargo volume between both 2022 Chevy vehicles. There is more cargo volume with the Equinox, given that around 63.9 cubic feet of volume is gained when the rear seats are folded. The Trailblazer offers only 54.4 cubic feet.

However, the passenger seat can be folded down in the Trailblazer, adding an additional eight and a half feet of more cargo or passenger space. By searching ‘Chevy Equinox for sale near me,’ you’ll read that the Equinox contains interior upscale features that are not offered with the Trailblazer, such as French stitching and heated seats.

Determine Which Chevy Works For You

Depending on your needs, one 2022 Chevy may be better for you. Take a test drive and see which Chevy you prefer now that you know the differences between them.