Friday, 24 September 2021 13:21

Supercar Sins You Should Never Commit

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One of the best aspects of car ownership is the fact that you get to alter your car how you see fit. This  is especially true if you can source parts like the ones from Monaco Motorsports.

However, like all rights, there are limitations to the ways that you can modify your car, especially when it comes to supercars.

Owning a supercar like a Veyron is a culture in and of itself, and like all other cultures, there are rules and traditions that should never be broken. Breaking these rules will not only paint a poor picture of you, but it can also get you in legal trouble. Here are the worst supercar sins that you should never commit:

Modifying a Ferrari’s Exhaust

Whenever a supercar leaves the assembly line, you can expect it to be in its best possible condition. Each part is intricately designed, manufactured, and assembled. There’s a good reason why you rarely ever see supercars with custom body kits. as this will not only diminish the driving characteristics of the car, but it will also decrease its value.

While you should never modify a supercar, one of the biggest sins you can commit is to modify a Ferrari’s exhaust. Ferrari exhausts should be kept immaculate as they are what give a Ferrari its distinct sound.

Custom Paint Jobs

While many car owners enjoy repainting their car with a custom paint job, to do so on a supercar is in bad taste, even if you paint your car  with a nice tone. Custom paints on supercars rarely ever look good, and they also hurt the value of your car.

Brand Disloyalty

In the same spirit that you should never pair Nike and Adidas merchandise together, you should never own both a Lambo and a Ferrari. You may own one or the other, but never both. While the reasons behind this may seem trivial, car enthusiasts look down on those who break these rules. The reason behind this is that there is a long-standing rivalry between Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Selling Your Ferrari Within a Year of Ownership

The first thing to know about Ferraris is that the car brand chooses who gets to own a Ferrari. No matter how much money you have, you can’t simply buy a Ferrari like you would any other car. There are background checks, a strict no-Lambo policy, and a no-badge alteration policy.

Ferrari owners are not allowed to sell their car within a year of ownership, and when they do sell it later on, they are required to give notice to Ferrari. This is to keep people from reselling the cars at a profit. The spirit of Ferrari is that they want their buyers to actually drive and enjoy the car.

Owning a supercar is as much a privilege as it is a status symbol. It’s important to be aware of the unwritten rules that govern supercar ownership to keep your reputation among fellow supercar owners intact.