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Best Free PDF Editor Tools In 2021

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Best Free PDF Editor Tools In 2021

           With the shift to remote work and distance learning, some other aspects of daily life that were once in person have changed as well.

One of those things that changed is how we document our work. Working with documents online means you must use some kind of application or software. This is especially true with PDFs, as you will require some form of PDF editor to work with them. When working with PDFs, it is important to make sure the right tools are available since there is more to managing documents than simply editing them. The tools available can greatly enhance or diminish your work.

           PDF editing tools allow us to do a range of things with our PDF documents, such as merging, splitting, converting, and annotation/editing. With these tools, we can do more than simply fill in information on a fillable PDF template, we can manage and work with our documents efficiently. There are many different tools available from PDF editors online, but the tools here are some of the most significant that all PDF editors should have. With these, you will be able to work with PDFs fully and without limitations.

Merge and split PDF documents

           One important tool that is used often when working with PDFs, is the merge PDF tool. The merge tool allows you to take two or more PDF files and merge them into one document that can be saved and downloaded onto your device. If you are working with many different files from different sources, you might need to combine them into one single document for your company. Also, a teacher might use this tool to create a study guide for their students. Depending on which PDF editor you use, there might be different processes for merging, but generally, you should be able to select two or more PDFs and have the option to merge them.

           The opposite of the merge tool is the split PDF tool, which allows users to take a PDF and split it into other PDF files. This is useful when doing research requiring the selection of certain data points or pages from a larger PDF. Sometimes, we do not need an entire document but rather just a part of it. To do this, you must simply select the split option, and then you will be asked (depending on your PDF editor) which pages should be split from the rest. After you select the pages, you will then be able to save it as a new PDF file which you can look at later, without all the extra information from the original PDF.

Combine multiple documents into one PDF

           The merge PDF tool is very useful when combining PDFs. But sometimes we might need to combine many different PDFs at once, and for this, the process is slightly different. For example, if you are using the PDF editor LuminPDF, then there is an option to select many different PDFs and merge them at once. In addition to this, with LuminPDF you can also select which pages to remove. If you are compiling a large report or book, then this is a must-have tool.

Convert PDF documents.

           No matter what industry you work in, one of the most important tools you will need is the convert PDF tool. It is common to not just work with just one type of document. Many of us in our daily work use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and many others. While these are great resources for our work, sometimes we need the information from these files to be in a different format. Fortunately, it is simple to convert these file types into PDFs. An online PDF editor will generally offer the option to convert Word to a PDF and convert a PDF to Word if need be. So, if you need a PowerPoint slide, image file, Word document, and an Excel spreadsheet all in one PDF document, then it is very possible. All you need to do is to convert each one into a PDF using an online PDF converter, then use the merge tool to make them all one file. This is one of the most useful features of an online PDF editor.

Secure a PDF 

           For many professionals, it is important to not only make a high-quality document but also to secure it. If you are in a research, tech, or business-related job, then an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) may be in place and that means you can’t risk your sensitive information being seen by those who are not authorized. This is also true of the medical field where documents should not only be kept secure for privacy reasons, but it is also often the case that medical files are protected by law, so it is important to be able to keep PDFs secure. The good news is that PDF editors can secure a PDF with passwords. This is not only useful but necessary in a world where everyone’s information is online and potentially vulnerable. 

Annotate PDF files

           The main job of an online PDF editor is of course to edit PDFs. When working with PDFs, we often need to add information or annotate the PDF. Whether you are working with a pre-made fillable PDF template or creating a new PDF from scratch, an online PDF editor will be needed. Besides giving you the ability to input information, these editors are also a means of signing PDFs. Many businesses work with contracts in the form of PDFs and the ability to securely sign them is critical.           There are many tools available to those who work with PDFs. With more of our world becoming digitized, that means almost everyone now works with PDFs at some point. So, if you need to split and combine a PDF online, or split a signed PDF document, then there are tools available to do so. Working with PDFs can be easy and useful when you have a solid online PDF editor with the correct tools.