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Educational puzzles for children - what are their advantages

Educational toys for 15 months - BananaPanda Educational toys for 15 months - BananaPanda

Educational toys for children is a broad category, in which you can find a wide variety of products. Adults looking for accessories for kids often wonder which items are worth choosing.

Some of the most popular gadgets are developing puzzle sets. Although this type of puzzles may be associated with toys that were fashionable in the past, modern designs turn out to be extremely attractive and beneficial for toddlers. What are the advantages of giving educational puzzles to a child?

Motor skill development in the youngest children

The first jigsaw puzzles can be already offered to children who are at least 18 months old. At this age it is particularly important for toddlers to develop manual skills. Puzzles for toddlers are usually created in such a way that manipulation of elements is a beneficial exercise for small hands. There are wooden and foam puzzles, among others. The task is to match elements of appropriate shapes to gaps in the picture. Friendly and colorful graphics also stimulate the imagination of the youngest. Coping with the task requires concentration from the child. See Educational toys for 15 months - BananaPanda.

Among particularly recommended sets there are progressive puzzles. In such sets there are several puzzles with different levels of difficulty. Subsequent pictures are composed of more and more elements adjusted to the developmental level of a toddler. This allows the child to practice solving puzzles, which will have an extremely positive impact on the development of its cognitive functions. Thematically connected series of pictures will also be a great basis for interesting play.

Memory, concentration and logical thinking

The very process of solving puzzles has a positive influence on children development. It exercises the ability of logical thinking and deduction. It also stimulates creativity and imagination. It is worth to offer toddlers classic puzzles depicting fairy-tale worlds and friendly creatures. Matching elements of an attractive picture will allow children to practice memory and concentration. Slightly more difficult sets may also turn out to be a great entertainment for the whole family.

Learning Puzzles

Educational puzzles for toddlers is a category where you can find many sets that help children acquire new skills and assimilate knowledge in a fun way. Here you can find interesting proposals for learning counting and reading. The sets with colourful illustrations can help to learn numbers and letters or to perform activities and compose words from single syllables.

It is worth offering children sets of puzzles, which will help them to acquire new information while playing. Some of the interesting sets include puzzles about the structure of the human body. There are also many geographic toys. Jigsaw maps can represent the whole world, a continent or a selected country. Little astronomers will certainly like puzzles showing the Solar System or star constellations. The information they acquire while playing at such a young age will certainly be remembered for a long time.