Friday, 19 March 2021 11:52

Problems of Maintaining Log Cabins [With Solutions]

bespoke cabins bespoke cabins

Available in a variety of textures, shades, and styles, log cabins look truly artistic. Timber homes keep you close to nature and contribute to your overall well-being.

However, log homes are vulnerable to several problems, especially in lack of proper maintenance. Let’s get familiar with these problems along with some tips to avoid them:


Snow, rain, dampness, and humidity can cause moisture damage to your bespoke cabins. You probably know that moisture and wood are not friends. The existence of moisture can cause fungus, mold, water stains, and log rot, thus destroying your timber home quickly.

How to prevent moisture damage to your wood home:

  • Do not plant bushes or plants near walls. If you want, decorate with faux flowers and plants.
  • Avoid rain damage using overhangs, trenches, and gutters.
  • Maintain the sealing of your log home.
  • Protect the home from ground moisture.

Critters & Insects

Insects, critters, and pests love log cabins as much as you do. Beetles, carpenter ants, termites, and carpenter bees live in and eat wood. They drill holes inside wooden doors, windows, and eaves.

Critters such as mice, squirrels, and raccoons can cause as much damage to your log homes as insects do.

How to prevent insects in your log home:

  • Replace mulch with the stone near your log cabin.
  • Avoid stacking firewood near the cabin.
  • Remove surrounding dead trees.
  • Keep bushes and plants at least 6 feet away.

How to prevent critters in your log home:

  • Scare woodpeckers by using fake owls.
  • Avoid these little critters by inspecting eaves. Do not leave food outside, and use a thick garbage can to lock the food.
  • Use a rotating bird feeder to keep squirrels away from your log house.


The ultraviolet radiation (UV Rays) emitted by the sun can breakdown the outer surface of your timber-framed home. This creates room for rot because micro fungi feed off of the damaged wood, resulting in the rotting process.

How to prevent sun damage to your log home:

  • Create a shade on the areas of your log cabins where sun rays hit directly. Alternatively, you can also use overhangs and decks with a shade cover.
  • Depending on your cabin's geographical placement and how much sun it gets, you must get it inspected periodically.

Incorrect Stain or Paint

Log homes need to breathe. So, ideally, you should avoid painting them heavily and instead go for staining.

Most people apply oil or latex house paints to log homes for aesthetics purposes. But authentic log homes look charming on their own.

Moreover, improper paint starts peeling, cracking, or flaking over time. It becomes impossible to fix such issues without staining and blasting. In addition, pain may create an unappealing appearance over time, making your log home look unattractive.

So, if you are painting your log home, choose the right material and processes.


So, these are the most common enemies to bespoke log cabins. By staying on top of these problems and following the given tips, you can own a wooden home of your dreams that lasts many decades.