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Gas struts - choose functionality and comfort in your home

Gas struts 30-200N Gas struts 30-200N

Are you losing your patience every time you have to struggle with opening heavy cabinet doors? Is house cleaning your nightmare? You can effortlessly open cabinet doors with Furnica gas struts which, with the help of the laws of physics, will prevent you from using any force!

Gas struts are furniture fittings intended for installation in cabinets with fronts opening upwards. They allow for easy opening and closing of the flap, as well as for keeping it in the right place to easily take out the things needed from the cabinet, without the need to hold the front with one hand. Note that when your cabinets open upwards instead of horizontally, you will be able to open several of them at once without fear that their surface will be damaged.

Great variety of Furnica gas struts

Gas struts can be installed in any piece of furniture in any room of your home. Sound's great? We also think so! Our gas struts have a standard length of 269mm, which will allow you to place them in any type of furniture. An important criterion for a good gas strut is also its power, expressed in Newtons (N). e.g. 60N or 80N. Furnica offers gas struts of powers ranging from 30N all the way up to 200N which you can choose depending on the weight of your cabinet doors. Note that power of 200N enables lifting the door that weigh even 20kg! Appropriate adjustment of the power of gas struts will allow you to comfortably use your furniture while their mechanism of action allows you to avoid knocks of cabinet doors hitting the other ones. The gas used to lift the cabinet doors is completely safe for you and your family

Fast and easy installation

To install gas struts Furnica you do not need any additional tools as everything you need will be included with your order together with the instruction manual. The kit includes nickel-coated screws and fastenings that will ensure a long life and proper functioning of your cabinets. Our gas struts work best in wooden or aluminum furniture. See more  Gas struts 30-200N