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How to write a resume

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Do you know how to write a good resume? We think not, otherwise, you would not have read our blog!


We all often find writing a resume difficult and, let's face it, a tiresome task. Sooner or later, everyone faces this challenge, and at first glance, all resume examples seem more or less the same. 

By listing our experience, qualifications, and key skills and abilities in the resume, we sell ourselves. Still, at the same time, it can be difficult for us to show our true self - what makes us a unique, interesting person and the best candidate for the desired job!

In order for you to always feel confident in your abilities, we decided to share with you the top tips for writing a good resume. - Progress Your Career Now! Resume Writing Service

Top tips on how to write a killing resume for a job

First Tip: Insert keywords throughout the text

In resume writing, a crucial part is the use of keywords. How to understand which words are Key? It's simple, read the job description carefully. Who is looking for this position? What skills do they want to see? Feel free to choose your three most robust characteristics and put them in your resume.

Second Tip: Be sure to check your resume for grammatical errors.

Resume proofreading is simply an essential part of the entire writing process. For example, you can subtract yourself the day after writing. Of course, it is advisable to let an experienced person check your resume. Now there are many services for checking errors online, paid and free, choose any of these options.

If possible, give it to a native speaker or a specialist for proofreading.

Third tip: Research and analyze what resume format is used in the country where you are submitting your resume.

Each country may have its own rules, including the resume design and the addition or removal of certain information. For example, in America, it is not recommended to specify:

  1. information about age and date of birth
  2. photo availability

Explore the Internet, read on specialized forums according to the country where you are applying, and which rules there are.

Fourth tip: Check if your resume is easy to read?

Is your document easy to read? Pay attention to:

  1. font size
  2. logical distribution of text into thematic blocks
  3. structure your information

Fifth tip: Save your finished resume correctly.

Do not forget that the finished resume must be in pdf format to open correctly on any device.

Document signature can be as follows: Name Surname_Resume or vice versa: Resume_Name Surname.

How will your document look not only on a computer screen but also on a tablet, smartphone? Is the document heavy?

When creating a resume, people are worried that such a document will not help them find the desired job. But remember, even experienced professionals once started their careers from scratch and without work experience.

Focus on the content of the document, not the amount of information. Carefully approach this task, analyze all your actions and seizures over the past few years. We are sure you have something to offer the future company. Remember, your resume shouldn't contain more experience and qualities than you have.