Tuesday, 05 June 2018 15:48

Optimizing ecommerce

With a brand value over $150 bln dollars, Amazon has officially outwon Google and Apple as the most valuable brand in the world, according to Brand Finance. Up 47% from its 2017 value, Amazon is the largest online business by market capitalization and revenue. 


But we will tell you more:Amazon is also the world’s leading online store in terms of ecommerce development. Have you seen them doing a major redesign? Never. They optimize their ecommerce website constantly making them better and more profitable every month. Read our review of the best  optimizing techniquest of Amazon.

Shopping cart icon should be visible at all pages

Shopping cart icon should be visible and easily accessible from each page or your ecommerce website - if you customers won’t be able to find the shopping cart - they won’t be able to checkout. That’s why shopping cart accessibility is one of the crucial point in optimizing your ecommerce website. And remember, put not only the icon, but also the amount of products in the shopping cart.

Master the “Fear of Missing Out” effect

Amazon (along with Booking.com) is a real master in this effect. On the product page, but also in the shopping cart always add as many FOMO triggers as possible. Some of them are: Today’s Deals, Deal of the Week, Limited Availability (only 5 pieces left). But you can also use incentives regarding delivery, such as: Only Today: Free Shipping.It’s a simple but very powerful tool in creating an urgency and giving the customer a feeling of “the time is now”.

Product videos increase product sales

Using product videos can increase your conversion up to 4,8%. Customers prefer product videos compared to simple product photos.

Social proof

It’s no secret that social proof is a very powerful tool in optimizing ecommerce website. If you’ve ever made a purchase online you surely know it: the majority of the customers checks the online reviews before making a purchase online. According to eConsultancy, 61% of customers always check online reviews before making a purchase decision. Just look how Amazon did it: on the product page, the customer reviews are directly below the name of the product.

Don’t just sell products - sell lifestyle

Right now, simple product photos on white background are not enough. Create a whole visual experience just like Amazon did: if you sell clothes, put the photos of the models is these clothes. If you sell paintings - visualize them in an actual interiors.

Growcode - the best solution for ecommerce development

Would you like to have an ecommerce development but don’t have time nor people to engage in constant ecommerce development? Try Growcode: first on the market solution for ecommerce optimization. How does Growcode work? It’s a complete package of strategies, people, tools and tactics that delivers ongoing website evolution. Growcode will revolutionize the way online store leverage data to develop their websites to grow their revenue and profits.