Monday, 06 February 2017 14:01

Can work make you happy?

Happiness – it is what we dream about every day. For each of us it means something different. But for most people, it’s the possibility to have a job that’s connected with their passion.

After all, making a living from what you enjoy doing every day is a dream of many of us. But is it actually possible? Of course it is. However, in order to achieve this, you have to work really hard. An example of a person who has made his dreams come true and become very successful is Maxence Parrot. He is a young athlete, a snowboarder, who from an early age dreamed of achieving success in winter sports.

How does he do it? First of all, thanks to hard work and perseverance. You also can’t forget about talent. All these factors have enabled Maxence to become increasingly successful from year to year. Who knows, perhaps in the 2018 winter Olympics he’ll win the gold. In the video you can see how he trains and performs his spectacular stunts. He admits that nothing gives him more happiness than the shot of adrenaline that he gets every time he goes out on the slopes. See how much effort it takes to master the stunts that allow Maxence to achieve success in sports competitions. It is truly something beautiful and full of winter magic.