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The Top 10 Tourist Attractions Found In and Around Idaho

Tamarack is a resort for all seasons, Tamarack is a resort for all seasons,

Idaho may be one of the most underrated family vacation spots in America.

With amazing weather, mountains, lakes and outdoor activities Idaho boasts of attractions ranking from Yellowstone National Park to fishing, biking and hiking across the state. With Idaho emerging as a top tourist destination in the United States, take a look at the top places to visit in the state.


1. Tamarack Resort

Tamarack is a resort for all seasons, offering skiing during the snowy season and mountain biking, white-water rafting and ziplining for the rest of the year.

This venue calls to people who love winter sports. The Nordic Center offers opportunities for skiers and snowshoers alike and you can even pursue backcountry skiing. The warmer seasons afford hikers and mountain bikers time to enjoy the grounds.

2. The Craters of the Moon National Monument

This area resembles the moon's surface due to being ravaged by lava some 15,000-20,000 years prior. While the area is still active, there have been no eruptions in over two millennia. This national monument features five caves, provided you have permits, which are free and available from the entrance.

3. Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area

Found within the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, this venue is the steepest river gorge on the continent and its 95 miles are the result of erosion from the Snake River. Most visitors come to hike or ride horseback, though white-water rafting is also an option for those with permits. Winters beckon skiers and snowmobilers.

4. Shoshone Falls

The "Niagara of the West" is a 212-foot-tall, 900-foot-wide waterfall is located right on the edge of Twin Falls, Idaho and is also the result of force from the Snake River's current. While it runs throughout the year, the flow really surges between April and July. The surrounding area, like Dierks Lake, is great for hiking, swimming and taking pictures of the landscape. One of the most common pursuits around here is having a picnic lunch in view of the falls.

5. Salmon River

"The River of No Return" is one of Idaho's most picturesque rivers and most of it passes through the Frank church-River of No Return Wilderness. This is one of the most beautiful places you can raft through.

6. City of Rocks National Reserve

Well-regarded as a climbing site, this reserve's granite outcroppings have courted climbers for years. People traveling along the California Trail noticed the land and discovered that the Shoshone camped amid the rocky terrain. If rock-climbing is not your thing, City of Rocks is also cherished by hikers, mountain cyclists, birdwatchers and photographers. The area features 64 different campsites, all with clean water and toilets.

7. Bruneau Dunes State Park

Bruneau Dunes is one of Idaho's best and most iconic state parks. Head an hour southeast of the capital city and you will find this park built around the largest sand dunes on the continent. When visiting here, do yourself a favor and head out on foot, do some sandboarding or even just set up for camp. A six-mile trail runs from the visitor's center and over the dune. Do yourself a favor and avoid visiting on hot days; the sand reaches temperatures that get too hot to handle. You can also find more than 80 campsites across two areas, offering enough room for both tents and RVs.

8. Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site

"Old Pen" served as the home of criminals for 101 years (1872-1973) and now exists as a museum to penal history. Old Pen serves as the home to some of the state's worst offenders and visitors can explore the cells, solitary confinement chambers and even the gallows of the site. Numerous rumors bill the place as haunted, though this may be due to the various events held at the site, including ghost hunts and the "Frightened Felons October Bash."

9. Kirkham Hot Springs

Idaho has the most hot springs of any state, some of which require a bit of hiking before you can earn the chance to give them a soak yet others are freely reachable from roadside parking. Kirkham is found two hours away from Boise by way of Boise Natural Forest's Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway. The sizable pools of this site offer more than enough space for large crowds and it even features campgrounds nearby to enjoy the night.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is located in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. This national park is famous for wildlife, scenic views and breathe taking site seeing. Old Faithful geyser may be Yellowstone’s most famous attractions but take the time to explore the rest of the park and we guarantee that you and your family will be amazed at the surroundings.