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Have you eaten any of these Kenyan snacks today? You should

Kenya has diverse cuisines and cultures and Kenyans have developed a liking for particular snacks sold in many urban centres especially in Nairobi


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They are made in not so hygienic standards but these snacks are loved by everybody.

You will see Kenyans in urban centres especially in Nairobi nibbling on these irresistible snacks at any time of the day especially in the evening during rush hours.

1. Roasted maize

Perhaps the most popular snack found in almost every corner of urban centres.

It goes down very well if its smeared with a generous amount of lemon, salt and pepper. Mahindi choma as it is popularly known can be eaten anytime but its sweeter in the evening as you sit inside a matatu stuck in traffic!

Never mind that those who roast maize do not have the cleanest of hands and by the way do they wash after visiting the loo or handling money?

2. Mutura (African Sausage)

Another very popular snack mostly cooked in the evening by the vendors, for unkown reasons.

Mutura is made by stuffing goat or cow intestines with tiny pieces of meat which have been cooked with or without pepper added. This is then grilled over a charcoal fire.

There is nothing as sweet as the aroma of cooking mutura. There is noting as tantalizing as eating well made mutura. Never mind where the meat came from.

3. Roasted chicken necks, gizzards and liver

Very yummy! Roast chicken necks, gizzards and liver can be found in various local joints, Ask Kahawa Wendani guys!

4. Samosa

Perhaps the oldest Kenyan snack which Mombasa women know how to make well. The triangular shaped snacks can be stuffed with minced meat, cow peas and waru for our Kikuyu brothers and sisters. Samosas can go any time of the day.

5. Boiled egg and kachumbari

You do not have to worry about your daily intake of proteins as boiled eggs are being hawked everywhere nowadays. They come with a good serving of kachumbari made of sliced tomatoes, onions and pepper.

6. Roasted yams/sweet potatoes

Kenyans are now becoming health conscious and are now going back to the roots literally, eating traditional foods.

You will now see roasted yams or sweet potatoes on sale at the roadside. They are very healthy local snacks to bite on the way.

Kenyan snacks

Kenyan snacks

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