Tuesday, 08 February 2022 14:48

5 Reasons Why Fusion Extensions Are the Best Hair Extension Method

Fusion hair extensions Fusion hair extensions pixanay

Fusion hair extensions is one of the most popular extension techniques that allows you to change the hairstyle immediately by adding the desired length and volume. 

In this case the stylist attaches the strands to your natural hair with the help of keratin bonds. These bonds are fixed with a special tool - extensions iron.

Read in our article why you should try these type of extensions and where you can buy quality hair for this beauty-procedure.

1. Maximum comfort

A pledge of good hairstyle: 

  • An experienced stylist who knows how to choose the appropriate length, weight, and structure of the locks, and also understands all the nuances of this beauty-procedure;
  • Quality hair that matches your natural strands.

If both of these points are met, you will feel no discomfort, as if you have always had such luxurious hair.

You will be able to make any hairstyle you like: straight or curl, braid, high tail, etc.

2. Safe for health

As we mentioned above, the bonds are made of keratin. This is a hypoallergenic polymer, which is suitable even for girls with sensitive scalp.

To avoid burning the scalp during the procedure, special protection disks are used.

3 Suitable for any hair type

No matter what kind of hair you have, fusion hair extensions are suitable for girls with any color, structure (straight, wavy or curly) and thickness (thin, medium and thick) of locks.

If you naturally have thin strands, the stylist will do micro or nano-bonds: they will be almost invisible in your hair. This technique also works well with almost any length, even very short.

4. Long life-span

If you buy quality hair and take good care of your hairstyle, follow all the recommendations of the stylist and regularly make reapplications, your extensions will last up to 9 months.

5. Natural look

If you want no one to guess that you have hair extensions, then fusions are exactly what you need. There are extensions with micro bonds and colored keratin to match the color of your hair so that they are completely invisible on the head.

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