Wednesday, 11 April 2018 17:56

Unique wallpapers for your apartment

Murals are usually associated with street art. We live in times when the greatest street artists achieve global fame. Most of you are probably familiar with Banksy, who has become almost a legend due to the extent to which he protects his privacy - no one knows who he really is.


However, his works are known in most parts of the world, even by people who haven’t heard his name before. Because murals are increasingly often appreciated for their decorative qualities, many people decide to "move" them into their flats. You can do this in many ways. One method is to print murals wall murals on wallpaper. Which wall mural would be suitable for your apartment?

A classic mural for lofts

Flats furnished in a loft or industrial style are characterised primarily by their raw look. They are ideal for wall murals which can perfectly underline the character of the interior. Which wall murals are suitable for lofts? Brick wall wallpapers are a classic design that works well in such apartments. You can also find photographs presenting original murals from famous cities. In this case, it is best to choose monochromatic images that will emphasise the atmosphere of the interior.

Spatial wallpapers - for living rooms and bedrooms

An interesting solution that works well in every room are wallpapers depicting spatial murals, which look as if they are three-dimensional. They can be realistic or completely abstract. The latter will look great especially in modern interiors decorated in a minimalist style. When choosing a mural for such a room, remember to adapt the design and its colour to the character of the interior. In minimalist and monochromatic interiors, one- or two-colour murals are recommended. For children's or teenagers’ rooms, you can select more colourful themes, which may also include a character from a fairy tale or a music or sports idol.