Tuesday, 16 June 2015 14:33

Dior's Secret Garden

Today, the house of Dior unveils the fourth installment in the Secret Garden saga. Directed by Steven Klein, the film features the singer Rihanna in the gardens and palace of Versailles.


A presence looms in a nighttime Versailles. Captured by Steven Klein’s camera, Rihanna passes through the sumptuous salons and the Hall of Mirrors. Enigmatic and enchanting, the singer heads to the palace gardens, where their box hedges, clipped to spell the House’s emblematic initials, convey a fairytale air. As the only light, the glow of candles and moonbeams highlight the details of the Esprit Dior Tokyo collection: the metallic closure and cannage of the Diorama bag, the silvered spangles of a dress, the finely-crafted metal of the Tribale earrings, the sequins sprinkling a nose veil.

Surrounded by the gilt of Versailles, with its sparkling chandeliers and reflecting mirrors, as Rihanna moves the sequins and patent leather of the looks she wears from the Esprit Dior Tokyo collection catch the light that illuminates the night. You’ll have to wait just that little while longer – until Monday, to be precise - before getting to discover the film of the Secret Garden IV campaign, shot by Steven Klein, in its en