Wednesday, 31 May 2017 08:49

Mannequins for special purposes

The main purpose of shop mannequins is to present collections in an attractive way. That is why choosing the right models is so important. You can order classic mannequins that will work well in most clothing stores, regardless of the product range they shall display. However, sometimes other mannequins for a specific target group are needed.


Specialist mannequins

‘Specialist mannequins’ is a very broad term. It is most commonly used for models with a different appearance than standard models with a straight pose, which are mostly used in boutiques. One of the most interesting products are sports mannequins, used for presenting sportswear in an interesting way. They can be set in different positions, in poses typical for joggers, rowers, or people doing yoga, and thus they allow to present how the clothing will look when the body changes its position.

More and more manufacturers are aware that most customers do not have a body with the perfect proportions of catwalk models. Therefore, in boutiques and shopping malls you can find clothes in sizes 34, 36 but also in 40 and 42, and there are also shops for plus size women. Due to the larger size of such garments, the mannequins presenting them should also have bigger shapes so that the clothes are well presented. Apart from plus size mannequins, there are also interesting products that mimic the silhouette of a pregnant woman which can be used to show clothes for future mums who are looking for something comfortable but at the same time elegant.

Specialist mannequins also include those used for displaying accessories or jewellery. They are suitable for rings, necklaces, scarves, hats, and even sunglasses. The mannequin can then be limited to an individual part of the body, such as the head with the torso or the hands. Torsos are ideal for displaying necklaces and scarves.