Monday, 29 June 2015 14:33

EY launches Diversity & Inclusiveness microsite

EY announced the launch of its Diversity & Inclusiveness (D&I) microsite (, a change management tool that was developed to accelerate a cultural evolution within EY globally, and share insights with other companies as they initiate their own D&I journeys or enhance ongoing efforts.


Karyn Twaronite, EY Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer, says:

"Leaders are seeing that diversity and inclusiveness is the key to unlocking the full potential of their organizations. When D&I emerged more than two decades ago, it was grounded in only 'doing the right thing.' Today, it is widely recognized as a smart thing to do as well as a key business imperative for organizations that want to stay competitive in a global marketplace."

According to the Corporate Leadership Council, a global membership of senior executives with a shared commitment to steward enterprise-wide human resources management, organizations that are rated highly for D&I ranked 57% higher for "collaboration" and have 19% higher retention. Additionally, EY's own research, found that EY groups with high employee engagement have better retention, stronger revenue growth and higher profitability, and that the ability for people to "be themselves at work" was a key driver of engagement.

Mark Weinberger, EY's Global Chairman and CEO, says:

"Diversity & Inclusiveness is a key component of EY's growth strategy and championed by the highest levels of firm leadership. The only way to be our best is to include our best. That means we need to include the whole world, not just pieces of it. That all starts with diversity and inclusiveness. It's the smart thing. It's the right thing. And it's the only way to succeed in today's global economy."

The microsite is an outcome of the organisation's strategic D&I framework and approach to culture change, which has given EY's global leaders a detailed blueprint for building inclusive, high- performing teams by focusing on both the work environment and individual growth. The D&I microsite will enable EY's 210,000 people around the world to deepen their understanding of EY's strategic D&I framework, and have access to the "best of the best" of thought leadership, academic research and videos that speak to the personal and business impact of D&I.

"We initially designed this tool to show current and prospective employees how EY will leverage their differences to reach our potential, while also giving our people the strategies they need to execute these concepts in their day-to-day work," says Twaronite. "We are pleased to share our learnings with the broader marketplace so that leaders and HR professionals can maximize talent and performance through diversity - driving a better working world within their organizations and beyond."

EY is frequently recognized globally as a top employee brand. EY received a "Top Employer" certification in eight countries in Africa, was named a FORTUNE "Best Company to Work for" in the US, was ranked most attractive employer among professional services employer in Europe and the number one "Dream Employer of the Year" in India. EY has also been recognized as a top Diversity employer in the US by DiversityInc, in Canada by MediaCorp Canada Inc. and in Singapore by SG Enable.