Wednesday, 30 November 2016 11:42

14 Jewellers Chosen for the 2016 CanadaMark Competition Final

Serendipity Diamonds has been selected amongst 14 finalists announced in the CanadaMark 2016 competition. CanadaMark Diamond’s 2016 Jewellery Competition honours jewellery pieces with the highest level of creativity and excellence in quality and style.


For a chance to win their chosen design, anyone can select the appropriate designer and cast their vote online.

Jewellers entering the competition were required to submit a brand new ring design, featuring a fully traceable CanadaMark diamond, with a retail price that did not exceed $5000 USD. All 14 finalists created their ring designs in readiness for a public vote for the best design.

Mark Johnson, at Serendipity Diamonds, described their entry.

“We styled our design around a Marquise cut diamond. Set with an exceptionally white, eye clean 0.76cts diamond held within the embrace of a simple sweeping shoulders. We chose 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold for the ring, in line with our core values for responsible sourcing, wherever possible.”

Fairtrade gold offers small scale artisanal miners a route out of poverty and exploitation with a fair price, safe working conditions and investment into their communities, whilst giving consumers gold that is traceable all the way back to the certified mine. Combined with the Canadamark Diamond, all materials in the finished ring were ethically sourced and are fully traceable.

Serendipity Diamonds have named their ring design ‘Ursa’ after the prominent constellation in the northern hemisphere. Anyone interested can read more about the design on our website.

Working with experienced jewellery modeller Stephen Irvine at Lionsorbet and editor of Jewellery Monthly, the design was modelled using CAD design software, and photorealistic imagery showed how the finished ring should look. The design was crafted under the care of Weston Beamor, one of the UK’s leading bespoke jewellery workshops, to arrive at the finished design.