Monday, 27 April 2015 15:21

Justin Wu X Chopard : a discussion around the new Happy Diamonds Film

We caught up with Justin Wu shortly after he filmed our new Happy Diamonds video. The 28-year-old director, who splits his time between Paris, London and New York, is known for his uplifting music videos and commercials, including most notably Jay-Z’s Life+Times ‘Empire State of Mind’. For Happy Diamonds, he collaborated with choreographer Marion Motin and DJ and producer Etienne de Crecy to create a film that is nothing short of contagiously cheerful.

We spoke with him to explore the connection between his work and the Chopard spirit, the power of fine craftsmanship, and his attitude towards happiness in both work and life.
This Spring, many brands are scrambling to evoke a happy spirit, but for Chopard, the happy mood is more than just a passing trend, it’s a permanent state of mind, and has been since our Happy Diamonds began spreading joy in 1976. For Justin too, happiness is fundamental; it’s a sensibility that influences not just his artistic style, but also his way of life. “When it comes to my commercial work it tends to be upbeat, celebrate life and what it means to live in the moment which is what I live by. It’s part of my personality. Happy Diamonds to me represents the best of that by giving women something timeless and fun that shows their individuality.”

His inventive concept for evoking the swirling free movement of Happy Diamonds involved a DJ, a spinning turntable, and the joyful grooving of women on the dance floor. Justin explained that connecting Happy Diamonds to music and dance was the path that seemed most natural to him. “The moment I saw the Happy Diamonds watch free float and move, it sparked my imagination to add dance as part of the video. And what’s dance without fun and upbeat music? Both are important in my life and are things that I believe none of us can live without. It heals us, sets us free and brings us together.”

Are there more similarities, aside from a common attitude towards happiness, between Justin’s work and Chopard craftsmanship? “I think it’s born from the same elements… I work with a large creative team, much like artisans, and it’s that collaborative approach and refinement that ultimately makes the end product. All of us share that same passion, dedication and countless hours to achieve that timeless perfection.”

One can imagine the hurdles involved in striving for nothing less than timeless perfection. Surely it isn’t always easy to maintain a happy vibe on the set or in life while upholding such rigorous standards? Discussing a recent film that he loved, Whiplash, Justin acknowledged this fact. “Life will throw you many hurdles and may intimidate or scare you, but in the end, you can survive anything with enough determination and passion.” Ultimately, Justin explains that it’s his viewers that are his driving force. “If I can make people, smile, laugh, cry, feel catharsis and/or reflect and most importantly have a good time, I feel I’ve succeeded. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see people happy.”

The word “happy” brings us back to the Happy Diamonds film. We wondered what he thought of this new direction for Chopard? “Chopard represents among the best of Swiss craftsmanship with an incredible heritage that’s respected globally. I’m proud to be part of this new direction. It shows how progressive, creative and forward-thinking Chopard is as we enter the next generation.”