Saturday, 21 November 2015 03:46

The 10th Ice Cross Downhill World Championship

Visit Quebec in Canada during the upcoming weekend (27 and 28 November) to take part in an exciting sporting event. The Ice Cross Downhill World Championship is the only such place, where real fanatics of extreme sports meet. Now thanks to Red Bull you can sit right next to them. How is that possible?

It's not just a competition

The tenth Ice Cross Downhill World Championship is not just a sporting event. It’s also an opportunity to meet interesting people and strengthen ties with friends. Sitting in the VIP area, every emotion will be more powerful. Adrenaline, speed, competition and victory are the recipe for a successful evening. Join the Ice Cross Downhill fans, or perhaps one day you’ll take part in one of the races yourself. Share the prize with your friends. Take part in the contest and if you win, you’ll be able to take 3 friends.

Ice Cross Downhill is an extreme winter sports event. Lightning fast races, sharp turns, big-air jumps and overtaking rivals - a unique spectacle that will impress everyone.