Thursday, 02 January 2020 16:33

Luxury Weddings in Florence

Florence is the city symbol of the Renaissance and one of the most important cities in the world. Every year millions of tourists visit this beautiful city. The possibilities that this city offers to tourists are numerous and can be adapted to any kind of requests, needs and budget.

They range from 5-star hotel to much cheeper stays : with a few euros it’s possible to sleep in one of the many bed and breakfast of Florence. This wide range of supply helps this town to excel in some very exclusive tourist branches, such as the wedding planning. Florence is one of the most desirable choice for those who decide to get married away from their country of origin. The locations that Florence has to offer are many and also the services that are offered are of very high level and offer particularly top services.

As evidence of this in the last days some marriages were celebrated in Florence, which came up in the news because of the extreme luxury and splendor with which they were celebrated.
The protagonists of these very luxurious weddings in Florence have been some of the wealthiest Indian families, who have occupied for several days luxury hotel to accommodate the many guests, coming mainly from Asian countries.
The central location of this luxurious wedding is Ognissanti Square, a place definitely not traced in the traditional tourist itineraries in Florence, which is still located in an exclusive area and are perfect to this kind of event because on the 2 the sides of the square Ognissanti are two luxury hotels to accommodate the many guests of the wedding.

This kind of event has highlighted how Florence is known and appreciated even in faraway countries, and not only by the classic mass tourism, but also among people who look for services and locations of the highest level, as it is among the most exclusive event locations world-wide .

In addition to beautiful locations for the celebration of a marriage, Florence boasts an extremely wide choice of places that offer scenarios and architectures of various kinds to satisfy the most particular requests.
To facilitate the organization of these VIP events is the positive cooperation of the town and the competent authorities of Florence, who in exchange for appropriate compensation are available to rent also the historic and most important characteristic places of the cityPsychology Articles, as it happened with the famous Ponte Vecchio - Old Bridge event on the occasion of the Ferrari party and dinner.