Tuesday, 28 April 2015 18:16

Experience Givenchy best kept secret

The scence is set. In a stylish Parisian apartment a green-beauty dressed in a perfectly pressed, white Givenchy button down shirt reclines in an armchair and pressed play on the projector.


The new perfume of carnal desire and its accord illicite
Awaken your seductive instincts with le parfum Ange ou Démon. And for a more addictive trail, one drop of the accord on the nape of your neck will trigger the most illicit fantasies. Combine le parfum and its accord to create your own fragrance depending on your mood: a new experience.

Between dark and light, her secret remains. An intriguingly sensual fragrance with a secret that cannot be unraveled... Encased inside a thousand-facets is the essence of the eternal mystery of seduction. Subtly sublime and barely caressing the skin, Ange ou Démon is a tantalizing fragrance of seduction that like the elusive look of a mysterious woman, captivates and allures.
Available in 30ML, 50ML and 100ML

Ange ou Démon Le Secret offers a glimpse into a fascinating realm with a scent filled with grace and elegance. The Ange ou Démon woman is dazzling and mischievous, with a hint of mystery that dwells within her. What is her secret? Who is she? Just a single mist reveals all...
Available in 30ML, 50ML and 100ML