Wednesday, 21 January 2015 17:05

Fendi 3Baguette Project

Fendi presents the 3Baguette charity project in collaboration with five iconic New York women: musician Rihanna, artist Rachel Feinstein, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, model Jourdan Dunn and blogger Leandra Medine, who have been invited by Fendi to personalize their own 3Baguette bag, allowing for a completely unique and fully interpreted creation that will be auctioned to benefit five charities of their choosing,


Rihanna's 3Baguette
Chart-topping performing artist Rihanna infused her strong and distinctive style into her 3Baguette bag featuring a double F pattern on the flap and the back embroidered in black lurex on mink tone on tone. Sides and front are in black velvet. The croco handle creates a beautiful contrast to the velvet sides, while the black crystal stones give a luxurious touch to the closure made in ultra-black ruthenium.

Rihanna's Micro Baguette
Rihanna's Micro Baguette is designed in gunmetal grey with beaded embroidery for a high-fashion aesthetic. With matching ultra-black ruthenium accessories, the bag is a perfect charm for Rihanna’s 3Baguette

rah Jessica Parker's 3Baguette
Smooth black velvet, rich purple satin, gold galuchat and shades of blue and cream. The precious materials create an “F” with two perpendicular golden lines and blend effortlessly with the gold hardware closure.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Micro Baguette
The Micro Baguette was designed to be a perfect complement to Sarah Jessica Parker’s 3Baguette bag. Rich purple, gold galuchat, and a gold chain link handle add dynamism to the mini bag.