Friday, 03 July 2015 16:38

The must have lipstick Dolce

Dolce is the first Dolce&Gabbana Make Up matte lipstick and it provides a perfectly opaque, vivid and full-bodied red in a variety of shades. It offsets and accents them in a highly sensual, contemporary mix of colour and restraint. It provides full coverage, while keeping lips hydrated and soft. The high colour creates perfectly-defined, true matte lips, in a single application.


The texture, lightly-scented like the lipsticks of yesteryear, is exceptionally creamy: it is easy to apply and has a soft, velvety feel. A new rounded tip has also been introduced, like an overturned drop which follows the lip line to perfection.

The palette takes its inspiration from the colours of Dolce&Gabbana fabrics. It reflects the depths of red in each of them. Just like the multitude of red shades in the fashion collection, there is the perfect red for every mood. From the bright and bold Dolce Fire to the deep burgundy of Dolce Inferno. Dolce Heart, Dolce Lover, Dolce Desire, Dolce Star, Dolce Jealous; each name evokes an attitude and an emotion that is expressed on the lips. The red you choose reflects the red you are.

These red have also been created in complementary colours in The Lipliner and The Nail Lacquer.

Swide also brings you exclusive application tips: Apply the lip liner in short strokes to fill the whole lip without contouring the lips. Apply the lipstick in short upper strokes on the top lip and down strokes on the bottom lip. This technique creates a natural lip look and makes the lips appear plump. The lipstick and lip liner must be the same colour.