Thursday, 15 January 2015 16:29

Vogue Eyewear - Women's Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Experimenting, playing, discovering new styles and trends: this is what brings the Vogue woman closer to the language of fashion and its transformations. The play element is essential for Vogue. It has enhanced the international fashion scene with new and original creations from the Seventies, constantly able to capture the spirit of the times.

Playfulness, a style open to change, but also classic elegance are features that make up the very identity of the Vogue brand, preferred by dynamic women who take pride in their style. The Vogue woman chooses Vogue Eyewear to live the contemporary world with liveliness and taste, and with a modern inspiration that takes its cue from the fashions of the past and reinterprets them in a carefree and original way.

The three segments of the new collection reflect this modernity with a style enhanced by exclusive details that highlight its class and charm. These easy-to-wear frames, are discreet but luminous with details like colour transparencies, three-dimensional motifs on the temples and glitter effect on fronts and temples. The extraordinary glamour profiles give the collection contemporary inspiration, when harmony of movement combines with a modern and fashionable look. The warm colours, available in transparent or matt shades, convey light and softness to each model, contributing more than ever to the feminine effect which corresponds to the glamorous spirit of contemporary women. And it is precisely these unexpected transparencies and luminous shades of green, violet and dark red that convey to these fashion models a touch of originality and contemporary character: bright colours full of light, defining the feminine spirit of the new Vogue inspiration. Through the trendy and fun style of In Vogue, the contemporary and discreet taste of Casual Chic and the classic, elegant and essential lines of Timeless, Vogue presents a selection of models that once again play a lead role in this modern age.