Monday, 06 January 2020 10:45

A few things you should know about hybrids

Hybrid cars are becoming hugely popular on the streets of big cities. These are cars with a modern, streamlined shape, whose construction is based on innovative technologies. However, few people know that hybrid cars, which are a combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, are not a new invention at all.

The first such car was presented in 1900 at the World Exhibition in Paris. The creator of this vehicle was Ferdinand Porsche. However, despite the huge sales for those times, hybrids cars were forgotten for a very long time.

Currently, one of the leaders in this market is Chrysler, which recently launched a new model - the Pacifica Hybrid. It is promoted in a commercial which shows how seemingly ordinary things can turn out to be unique and unusual.

What distinguishes Chrysler hybrid cars? First of all, their wonderfully modern and minimalist shape, as well as what's inside. The car’s total driving range is nearly 1000 km, and using just the electric motor is the perfect solution for driving around the city. You can travel up to 53 km after fully charging the electric motor. This car provides adequate comfort and safety for travelling alone and with the whole family.