Thursday, 28 March 2019 00:12

New quality from Volvo

Good handling, high standards and security. If we add to this sleek curves and functionality, we have the perfect car. These are the qualities that each car should have, and this is true for both trucks and passenger cars. These are the qualities of Volvo cars.

Volvo Cars Group is a brand known worldwide. For almost a hundred years, it had been specializing in producing cars and trucks of the highest quality. The efforts of designers and the carried out safety tests ensure that we, the drivers, get cars from the top shelf.

Not only are Volvo’s cars fine-tuned – their promotional campaigns have always caused great excitement among customers. For the latest project they collaborated with one of the most famous DJs in recent years - Avicii. In cooperation with Audra Mae he had to create a unique soundtrack, based on the famous hit "Feeling Good". How did they manage that? We'll find out soon!

Why "Feeling Good"? There can be many reasons, but for anyone who knows Volvo, this is an obvious connotation. Everyone who has driven a car from this brand just feels good and can’t part with it. Shall Avicii surprise us with something special again? Let's hope so!