Friday, 03 February 2017 09:31

What will the future look like in ten years?

The world is constantly moving forward, facilitating our everyday activities. We drive cars that are more and more comfortable and safe, we wash our clothes in increasingly efficient washing machines, and our food is stored in smarter refrigerators. Today, we have a lot of conveniences, but how will it all look like in ten years?

Around fifty students. IKEA. And big plans for the future. Is it possible to combine them all together? It turns out that yes, it is. The #IKEATemporary campaign is aimed to show us, the consumers, how far the world will go forward in ten years. You might wonder - but how? After all, none of us have a time machine that would make it possible to find out what the future will be like. We do not need such machines - just knowledge and our imagination.

Thanks to a group of students we can check out the kitchen of the future at the Milan for the World Expo. Modern solutions, more facilities and most of all - convenience. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for when arranging their kitchen? Because cooking is not only about getting the best food from the store. It is also everything around it and the atmosphere, which is a little different in every kitchen.

And how do you imagine the kitchen of 2025 will look like?