Tuesday, 07 January 2020 12:10

Implementing web push notifications for an online shop

The ecommerce market is still vigorously developing, however growing competition puts the owners of online shops in front of quite the challenge. The most important being without change improving client relations and communication which should in turn improve sale figures. Traditional communication channels i.e. mailing have become less and less effective. It’s important to look at a new tool that perform a similar function, web push notifications.


Notifications, that increase the number of site visits


Web push notifications can be summed up in this simple way, while they are notifications sent through a web browser to its user. Simply, the user has to visit a webstore at least once and give consent to receiving such notifications, for us to be able to send her messages about promotions, new products in the store or personalized shopping rebates. These messages will be displayed to the user in the browser in the form of a short communications in a small frame, even when she’s visiting other websites. If they’re interesting enough, they may be clicked, which will take the user to the shop’s page, where she may make another purchase. Easy, right?

Effortless way to consistently maintain user relations

Web push communications appear in real time, meaning they work completely differently than newsletters. These, after reaching the inbox, may not even be opened for a long time, or are read long after being sent, which lessens their value when it comes to maintaining relations. When it comes to web push notifications, the user sees the message immediately in a browser window and may react just as quickly with one click. The most important aspect however, is that these dispatches can be sent as many times as you like, which may increase the likelihood of a reaction. In practice, the average CTR of such messages is estimated at around 21%. For comparison, the same metric in the case of mailing usually comes to around 5%.

Web push change the volume of abandoned carts

A large number of abandoned carts is the bane of existence for many webstores. Sometimes, to remedy the situation, all that’s needed is to perfect the process of placing orders, or lowering shipping costs. However, a big part of those abandoned carts has nothing to do with the shop itself, but more with the client, for example difficulty with making the final decision, or just not having enough time to finalize the transaction. Since the client did make it through most of the order placing process and then stopped at the last moment, there is a high chance, that reminding this client about what was started may result in its finalization. This is where web push notifications come in handy – immediately after abandoning a cart you can send such a client a message that the cart is still waiting and if he or she finishes the ordering process, there will be a special rebate waiting…On the site of PushAd, a polish tool for web push campaigns, it was calculated that after such an implementation the result was over 6% of completed sales.