Wednesday, 27 January 2016 10:48

A new perspective on the Prada Group

The Prada Group reveals another company initiative on, presented today at Fondazione Prada in Milan.


The site collects stories of passion and commitment, of creativity, of respect and care for the land, of open dialogue with communities, of restoration and enhancement of the artistic legacy.
The process has arisen spontaneously over more than thirty years of industrial growth, guided by the spirit of the places where we started and now operate and animated by a natural inclination to view the world with curiosity.

“Beauty, creativity and superior quality have always been the Prada Group’s guiding principles. Nature and humanity are the cornerstones of those principles. Respect for the environment and for individuals underpins our behaviour at all times, both within our company and in the relationship with our partners, suppliers, clients and institutions” – said Carlo Mazzi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Prada Spa –“This is the way we set about our work – and it is only made possible through the unique contributions of all those who collaborate with us day in and day out”.

We believe that corporate social responsibility means broadening one’s scope, becoming aware of the effects of doing business, and of the fact that our actions can contribute to establishing more harmonious relationships with the community.

This project, introduced through the new website, is an important contribution to the dissemination of practices and values along our value chain and among our stakeholders and it demonstrates our firm commitment to pursuing a common goal together. Moreover, it offers a previously unseen view of the Group, whose protagonists are the skilled hands of artisans, the multifaceted expressions of culture, the reshaping of landscapes, and the people all over the world who, with us, dedicate their daily efforts to achieving excellence.
The web site in detail

“Corporate Social Responsibility” is the title of the main introductory section and it presents our vision in terms of texts, info-graphics, maps, reports and annual figures which will show brief overviews of the main projects and results described in the Prada Group’s yearly report on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The site is divided into three main sections: “work” as represented by artisanal workmanship and innovation, preservation of know-how and the handing down of skills; “territory” in the sense of the respect for the places in which we work through a harmonious dialogue between architecture and its surroundings; “culture” as a legacy for the future.

Each section is shown graphically as a bookshelf. The individual projects appear as the titles of books stacked horizontally. When clicked, they open to show the chapters with detailed narrations including text, large images, full-screen photo galleries, videos and complete descriptions. This linear and evocative navigation lets the user change route and access new content at any time.