Wednesday, 01 February 2017 11:21

Balance your diet and help in the fight against high blood pressure

Wholesome dairy products are essential in a balanced daily diet. They prevent the occurrence of many diseases, including high blood pressure, which is a threat to health. Composing a healthy diet is not easy. That is why an application was created, which will help you control your diet. By using it, not only do you take care of your health, but you also donate $1 to the fight against high blood pressure.

When Dairy Farmers of Canada attended The Health, Sports & Lifestyle Expo in Vancouver, they created a powerful and captivating performance to highlight the surprising benefits of yogurt, which aids in the prevention of high blood pressure.

The performance, and the film of it, were made to promote the free Get Enough Helper App, which helps people track what they eat based on recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide.

In the video, we see a gymnast stacking and balancing a series of chairs in front of conference attendees. The gymnast then climbs, twists and contorts his body at seemingly impossible angles on top of the chairs, to show how far we each stretch to find balance in our day.

The performance is intensely physical and dangerous – much like high blood pressure – and encourages the audience to use the Get Enough Helper App to help the fight against high blood pressure. Each day someone uses the App, Dairy Farmers of Canada donates $1 on their behalf to the Heart & Stroke Foundation to support the fight against high blood pressure.

The performance is spellbinding, engaging and stunning, and the video shows conference attendees watching in rapt attention while enjoying complimentary yogurt parfaits and savouring the surprising health benefits of yogurt.

When composing your daily diet, be sure to include adequate quantities of high-quality dairy products bearing the MilkTM sign. When selecting cheeses, yogurts, milk drinks or desserts marked with this sign, you can be sure sure that you are consuming products made from 100% cow's milk from Canada.

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