Thursday, 02 February 2017 11:55

Guest vs. Furniture

What to do when our best friend goes mad and starts to think only about ... furniture? You can accept that. As long as in the meantime you’re not distracted by a group of beautiful women walking around your friend’s residence. That can lead to many funny situations.

BoConcept’s new campaign is an attempt to show that a furniture commercial doesn’t have to be boring and serious. The video, in which the main roles were played by two outstanding actors - Mads Mikkelsen, known from the TV series “Hannibal” and Dejan Cukic, who was the star of "In China they eat dogs" - shows that the whole video can be really fun and pleasing to the viewer.
Especially if we can witness beautiful and very functional furniture in the background. A big double bed with lots of storage space for bedding, a dining table that can be unfolded, or an armchair with an adjustable headrest - it's just part of what BoConcept can offer us.
The company has been designing unique furniture that will add style to any interior for more than sixty years. Especially if you are lucky and win ten thousand euros to be spent on furniture and accessories as well as professional decorating services. Sounds promising? Click on the video and learn how to win these awards!